‘Eye Contact’ So-won Ham “Breakdown with friends who didn’t come to my wedding ceremony”

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Ham So-won said that he broke up with his friends who did not attend the wedding ceremony.

Broadcasters Gangnam and Tony Ahn appeared on the channel A entertainment program ‘Eye Contact’ broadcast on the 9th as eye contact guests. Ham So-won also joined us as a special MC.

On this day, Ham So-won said, “I contacted my friends who didn’t come to my wedding the next day. I told them to stop thinking about seeing me in the future. It’s true.”

So, MC Kang Ho-dong asked, “If they were really close friends, wouldn’t there be a reason why they couldn’t come to the wedding?”

Then Ham So-won said, “No. They were a real close friend and they were my person.” She expressed her feeling once again.

In addition, Ham So-won added, “One of my close friends went to the front of the wedding hall and said that the door was closed by the grate, so I went to check it myself. I looked around the wedding hall and there was no excuse.”

At the same time, Ham So-won said firmly, “I’m pretty sure I have likes and dislikes. So I don’t see those friends until now.”

Meanwhile, ‘Eye Contact’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 9:50 PM.


Photo│Channel A broadcast screen capture

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