H1GHR Music, today (10th) Compilation album preliminary start…28 songs included

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The first compilation album of the global hip-hop label H1GHR Music is released physically.

On the 10th, Hire Music booked “H1GHR Music’s first compilation ‘H1GHR: RED TAPE’ and ‘H1GHR: BLUE TAPE’ from 2pm on the 10th through various record sites. We started selling.”

H1GHR Music received a hot response by releasing its first compilation album ‘RED TAPE’ on the 2nd to commemorate its 3rd anniversary. In order to repay the fans’ response, they started producing a real album.

When purchasing this album, it is composed of a package containing both the CDs of both ‘RED TAPE’ and ‘BLUE TAPE’, and it is an album with a collectible value of 100% containing a total of 28 tracks of high-quality songs.

Along with this, Higher Music focused more attention by releasing the track list of ‘BLUE TAPE’ to be released on the 16th. Since the release of ‘RED TAPE’, which generated a hot reaction by releasing 7 pre-released videos, has been successfully released, the second compilation album is also drawing attention from hip-hop fans.

The 14 songs in ‘BLUE TAPE’ are mostly new songs that are released for the first time than songs that have been remixed from existing songs, and the image of an atmosphere contrary to the intense feeling ‘RED TAPE’ is revealed to decorate the summer ending It makes you anticipate the release of a song with a refreshing feeling.

If ‘RED TAPE’ left the intensity with a red concept photo, ‘BLUE TAPE’, which will be released at 6 pm on the 16th, is contrasted with blue, raising expectations of fans as to what kind of song they will show.


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