Nancy Lang, married Wang Jin-jin and legally divorced after three years

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Pop artist Nancy Lang is divorced from Wang Jin-jin (real name Jeon Joon-ju).

On the 10th, the Seoul Family Court House 6 alone filed a lawsuit for divorce and property division between Nancy Lang and Wang Jin-jin and ruled in partial victory of the plaintiff.

Nancy Lang’s divorce application was accepted, and some claims, such as alimony and property division, appear to have not been accepted.

Previously, Nancy Lang became a legal couple by filing a marriage registration with Wang Jin-jin in December 2017. Nancy Lang, married amid concerns, defended Wang Jin-jin, even with his controversies over being embroiled in the late Jang Ja-yeon case, wearing an electronic anklet after committing sex crime, common-law marriage, and fraud, etc. Despite the controversy, he took the lead in defending Wang Jin-jin, showing a lot of affection, but eventually, he was destroyed after 10 months of marriage.

Nancy Lang said that Wang Jin-jin engaged in violence, including breaking things at home during a marital fight, and was subjected to revenge pornography, imprisonment, and threats of murder. Nancy Lang filed a divorce lawsuit against Wang Jin-jin and sued him for injuries, special intimidation, special assault, and coercion.

The prosecution applied for an arrest warrant while investigating Wang Jin-jin, but Wang Jin-jin was wanted for nomination because he did not attend the suspected interrogation (warrant substantive examination) before arrest. Afterwards, the police arrested Wang Jin-jin at a karaoke room in Seoul, and the court issued an arrest warrant for Wang Jin-jin.

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