Oh Min-seok, screen comeback with movie ‘Limit’ [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Oh Min-seok is cast in the movie ‘Limit’ and makes a comeback on the screen.

The movie ‘Limit (Director Seung-Jun Lee)’ is a crime thriller that will show an intense and detailed psychological drama of life safety and police ‘So-eun’ and the characters surrounding the case that were put into the secret camouflage investigation of the worst kidnapping case ever.

Oh Min-seok is the husband of Yeon-joo (played by Jin Seo-yeon) struggling to find a kidnapped child in the play, and a diplomat ‘Lee Cheol-woo’ foretells a different character transformation.

Earlier, in the 2019 follow-up thriller movie ‘The Culprit’, he played the role of ‘Jun-seong’, a suspect in the murder case, and drew favorable reviews for his delicate inner acting, and expectations for what kind of acting he will perform in this work are increasing.

Following KBS2’s ‘Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful’ which ended last March, Oh Min-seok, who is boasting a variety of charms by appearing on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’, recently announced the news of KBS2’s ‘If you cheat, you die’ casting news.

The film ‘Limit’ is currently filming.


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