‘Studio Get It Beauty’ Sunmi confirmed to appear in main MC… Oh My Girl Hyojeong joins

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

CJ ENM’s longest-running beauty program ‘Get It Beauty’ is reborn as ‘Studio Get It Beauty’, a beauty-specialized studio focused on a digital platform. Sunmi, one of the trendy beauty icons, is expected to play an active part as the main MC, and Oh My Girl Hyojeong confirmed the appearance, adding to the expectation. It is scheduled to be released for the first time on Friday the 25th.

‘Studio Get It Beauty’ is a digital content reorganized around a digital platform aimed at the MZ generation (a word that encompasses millennials and generation Z) beauty targets, and is the brand name of a newly launched beauty-specialized digital studio. Contents dealing with trends will be presented in a format optimized for each digital platform such as ‘Studio Get It Beauty’ official YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

‘Studio Get It Beauty’ reinforces the beauty curation guide and introduces more colorful and novel contents. The newly introduced content ‘Show Label’ will present a new shopping paradigm such as Buy Social and value consumption. ‘View Label’ and ‘La La Review’, which have been loved so far, are expected to return with more detailed upgrades. In particular, the ‘View Label’ will meet the needs of beauty consumers with an upgraded test environment setting such as situation and theme. In addition, various original contents unique to’Studio Get It Beauty’ such as ‘Another Review Club’ visit viewers.

Sunmi has confirmed the appearance as the main MC that will lead the main contents’View Label’ and’Show Label’ of the new ‘Studio Get It Beauty’. Sunmi is attracting a lot of attention as a trendy icon by showing a unique, charming and dreamy atmosphere and beauty sense. Oh My Girl Hyojeong is planning to add freshness by joining’Show Label’. Hyojeong has been loved by all age groups from teens with her refreshing smile and lovely styling. The production crew said, “Sunmi is an artist with wonderful charms beyond beauty. “I think that Sunmi is a beauty icon who will represent ‘Studio Get It Beauty’ with unrivaled style and trendy communication skills.” At the same time, “Hyojeong is also receiving a lot of response by communicating in various ways. There is a real sense of shopping and trends. We look forward to becoming a friendly MC who will generously give tips.” The official revealed the reason for the recruitment.

An official of ‘Studio Get It Beauty’ commented on the reorganization, “The goal is to show all the beauty specialized contents of’Studio Get It Beauty’ on all digital platforms that the MZ generation who does not put their smartphones on while watching TV.” A much broader and more diverse digital content is expected to reach beauty targets. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, ‘Studio Get It Beauty’ is scheduled to be released for the first time on Friday the 25th. Among them,’View Label’ and ‘Show Label’ are planning to meet viewers through Olive and OnStyle TV channels.


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