Tom Hardy’s ‘Capone’ confirmed to be released in Korea in October [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Capone’, where actor Tom Hardy and the crew of the movie ‘Joker’ met, confirmed its release in Korea next month.

The movie ‘Capone’ (director Josh Trunk) is a crime drama set in a mysterious whereabouts of millions of dollars between Alfonso Capone, who is called the most notorious mafia in history, and an FBI agent who is chasing him.

‘Capone’, which is about to be released in October, has garnered a hot topic even before its release due to the meeting of the production crew who caused the worldwide syndrome with the movie ‘Joker’ (director Todd Phillips) last year and the trusted Hollywood actor Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy played the role of the notorious mafia Alfonso Capone, showing off a creepy hot performance that perfectly reproduces real characters, from shaved fighting spirits to acting like voices.

The real person Alfonso Capone is the boss of the giant criminal organization ‘Chicago Outfit’ in the 1920s, a legendary gangster who has accumulated tremendous wealth through various crimes, including the 1929 St. ‘Capone’ raises expectations with his elaborate and breathtaking story after millions of dollars.

In addition, ‘Green Book’ Linda Cardellini, ‘Dunkirk’ Jack Lowden, and ‘The House That Jack Built’ Matt Dillon are drawing attention with the strongest casting lineup in Hollywood. Together with Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, Jack Roden, and Matt Dillon appear. It will be released in October.

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