‘Twenty Twenty’ Han Sung-min x Kim Woo-seok x Park Sang-nam, exhilarating tug of war with male friend

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In ‘Twenty Twenty’, Han Sung-min, Kim Woo-seok, and Park Sang-nam continue a thrilling tug-of-war with a male friend.

In the playlist digital drama ‘Twenty Twenty’, Chae Da-hee (played by Han Sung-min) is a character who dreams of deviating while living trapped in the boundary created by her mother. Lee Hyun-jin (played by Kim Woo-seok) approached her like a temptation to cross the line to her who could not enjoy a normal college life even when she turned 20. Chae Da-hee and Lee Hyun-jin, who were alumni in middle school, had an impulsive kiss during a conversation for the first time, and they got closer and closer.

Meanwhile, Jung Ha-jun (played by Park Sang-nam), a male friend who secretly protected Chae Da-hee from middle school days, began to notice the relationship between them and ignited a triangular romance. Jung Ha-jun was unfamiliar and unwelcome with Chae Da-hee’s change of trying to blend into the world beyond her mother’s boundary. As a result, to Chae Da-hee, who has a gap with herself, Jung Ha-jun actively expressed his hidden heart, and predicts a more interesting story.

These two men, Lee Hyun-jin and Jung Ha-jun, who look at Chae Da-hee, show very different charms and personalities. Jung Ha-jun, who is trying to somehow fill the gap that occurs in Chae Da-hee, and Lee Hyun-jin, who is in the corner of Chae Da-hee’s heart, swaying the woman’s heart. Expectations are raised about whether Chae Da-hee will cross the line between the two men and how the relationship between the three will affect the development of the future.

On the other hand, in the last broadcast, a scene was drawn where Jung Ha-joon, who noticed that Chae Da-hee is about to meet Lee Hyun-jin, even lies and prevents him from meeting. After meeting Lee Hyun-jin, the appearance of Jung Ha-jun, who suddenly embraced Chae Da-hee, expressed the change in his feelings that he decided to become a man from a male friend, raising tensions.

Also, Park Min-jeong (played by Han Ji-hyo), who appeared as a surprise as Son Bo-hyun (Chan)’s ex-girlfriend, was a hot topic. Son Bo-hyun also appeared in episode 8 of ‘The Man and Woman’, which made me guess that the worldview of the two works is connected. The appearance of the character Park Min-jung, who was attending Yeonri High School, in ‘Twenty Twenty’ with Yeonri University in the background brought great joy and fun to viewers as well.

The playlist digital drama ‘TWENTY-TWENTY’ is pre-released every Wednesday and Saturday at 7 pm on Naver TV, and is aired on the YouTube channel on the same day a week later. It airs every Sunday at 11:50 pm on JTBC.


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