‘We Play 2’ Kim Ji-min imitated Song Ga-in’s voice…Who is Ga-in?

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘We Play Season 2’, the competition for imitating Song Ga-in’s song will be unveiled.

In ‘We Play Season 2’, singer Song Ga-in and comedian Kim Ji-min appear as special guests.

The ‘Map Craftsman’ who drew a map of the marine world with the location of the Great Dynasty Clam and his partners Song Ga-in and Kim Ji-min struggled with the Marine Boys to find a map that was stolen by the ‘Bulganda Mob’.

In particular, Song Ga-in and Kim Ji-min are said to have confused the Marine Boys by showing off their explosive singing skills with voice imitation talents and ‘I’m Ga-in’, in the quest of ‘The Masked Woman’ to find Song Ga-in with only their voices. Will the seven members who are infinitely admired by the amazing synchro rate can find the real Song Ga-in?

On the other hand, according to PD Kim Joo-hyung, who directed ‘We Play Season 2′, Song Ga-in made the scene into a sea of laughter by demonstrating his level of quickness and fine hair, such as making tricks to pass in Jegi-chagi and Watermelon Frost Quest. Kim Ji-min is also planning to capture viewers’ attention at a glance by making a big success with ‘knowing the feeling’ and reacting bombardment.

‘We Play Season 2’ with Song Ga-in and Kim Ji-min, united with dazzling beauty and delightful entertainment, is coming from NQQ and SBS F!L on the 12th at 7:45 pm, SKY (SKY). ), will be aired on the 13th at 7:45 pm on SBS MTV.


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