BTS Jimin becomes a Charity Fairy of ‘Choi Ae dol’ on the 9100th day of birth

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

BTS Jimin is selected as a charity fairy and donates in the name of Jimin.

Jimin received 57,377,876 votes on September 10 from the idol ranking service ‘Choi Ae dol’ and was selected as the 76th Donation Fairy.

As a result of the fans cheering hard in commemoration of the 9100th day of Jimin’s birth on September 10th, he succeeded in achieving the donation fairy. Fans shared joy, saying, “Congratulations to the Donation Fairy, the No. 1 singer on Billboard Hot 100,” and “Thanks to Jimin’s fans, Jimin looks more nice.”

Choi Aedol donated to the ‘Millal Welfare Foundation’, under the name of Jimin, the BTS, who was selected as a donation fairy. Jimin has made 3 donation angels and 3 donation fairies a total of 6 times, achieving a cumulative donation of 3 million won. The total cumulative donation amount of ‘Choi Ae dol’ is 172 million won.

The cumulative donation amount is Kang Daniel’s largest with 29 million won, followed by EXO 25 million won, BTS 20 million won, Twice 19 million won, and Tzuyu 12 million won.

‘Choi Ae dol’ is selected as a donation elf when it reaches the 1st place in the cumulative ranking and makes a donation when it reaches 55,555,555 votes or more on an anniversary.

On the other hand, BTS is the first Korean singer to record first place for two weeks in a row on the US Billboard main single chart ‘Hot 100’, writing a new history of K-pop as well as the history of pop. Bulletproof Boy Scouts appeared on KBS News 9 on the 10th and revealed their feelings of No. 1 on the Billboard, a Grammy solo performance, and furthermore the goal of winning. On this day, Jimin missed the meeting with ARMY, saying, “I want to share the joy with the fans, but it is regrettable that I cannot meet with Covid-19.”

Photo courtesy of Aedol Choi
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