Captain Lee Geun “I prefer cute woman rather than sexy woman… My ideal type is Suzy” (‘Showteriew’)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Captain Lee Geun, famous for the web entertainment ‘Fake Man,’ chose Suzy and Shin Se-kyung as his ideals.

In the SBS Moby Dick’s ‘Showterview of Jessi’, which was released on the 10th, Captain Lee Geun, who is receiving repercussions as a web entertainment ‘Fake Man’, appeared.

On this day, Jessi asked Captain Lee Geun, “What style do you have when you are in a relationship?”, and Captain Lee said, “I think I am a gentleman. “After dating, I lose to my girlfriend for about a year, and after that, I’m in the style of winning.”

When asked about his ideal type, he said, “I think the open minded person itself is important.” However, Jessi persistently asked which style was better between cute and sexy. Then, he chose ‘cute’, saying, “Are there any cute and sexy woman?” In addition, Suzy was selected as the ideal type for a celebrity with a cute style, and Shin Se-kyung as the ideal type for a celebrity in a sexy style.

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