Hello Bonjour participates in the OST of ‘Brilliant Heritage’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer-songwriter Hello Bonjour delivers a charming voice to the daily home theater.

Hello Bonjour, who received a song proposal for the OST song of KBS1’s daily drama ‘Brilliant Heritage’, completed the song ‘Why are we like that’ by collaborating with the composer, Jung Yoo-shin, under the name of Kind Simsul.

The new song captures the pain and longing felt after love leaves with a sad melody and direct yet sensuous lyrics.

Hello Bonjour, who debuted in the music industry by releasing the single ‘We of the Day’ in 2015, has been loved by fans for its comfortable and emotional music, and the latest song ‘Summer Night Us Two’ released in August has a refreshing atmosphere with a summer scent. Being loved.

‘Brilliant Heritage’ is a family drama about the process of a thirty-three-year-old penniless girl, Gong Gye-ok (played by Kang Se-jeong), and her eight-hundred billion-year-old wealthy woman, Boo Young-bae (played by Park In-hwan), go to find family love with their four handsome youngest sons.

In recent broadcasts, the contents of Gong Gye-ok revealing that he is a disguised marriage party to the broadcasters, captivating viewers’ attention, has entered the end of the airing and continues to rise in viewer ratings with an exciting story.

An official from OST production company Plush Media said, “Singer-songwriter ‘Hello Bonjour’ participated as a singer and showed a song that added fun to the drama development with a beautiful and attractive voice and aroused emotions.”

KBS1’s daily drama ‘Brilliant Heritage’ OST Hello Bonjour’s ‘Why are we like that’ will be released on the 13th at 12:00 noon.


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