Pengsoo becomes the main character of the 2020 Christmas seal

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Pengsoo became the main character of the 2020 Christmas seal.

EBS (President Kim Myung-jung), the broadcaster which created  Pengsoo, collaborated with the Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA, Chairman Man-ho Kyung), launching the 2020 Christmas seal with Pengsoo’s images.

‘Pengsoo’, the protagonist of this year’s Christmas seal, expressed the cute and humorous appearance of spending Christmas in Antarctica with 10 seals. The ‘Giant Peng TV’ team provided permission to use Pengsoo’s image free of charge in connection with the creation of a Christmas seal to raise funds to combat tuberculosis.

An official from the Giant Peng TV team said, “As Pengsoo is the protagonist of the Christmas seal to combat tuberculosis, I hope that we can give happy energy to those in need. In addition, with Pengsoo, I hope that the difficult work of this year will be finished well, and we hope that many of us will reach the year 2021 full of hope.”

KNTA conducts a tuberculosis screening program for 2 million people every year to detect tuberculosis patients early, and provides intensive checkups for vulnerable groups such as homeless people, foreign workers, and residents of islands and mountains, as well as support for tuberculosis facilities in need and medication for elderly tuberculosis patients. Etc. are conducted through Christmas seal fundraising.

The Christmas Seal fundraising activity begins online and offline from October, and can be participated through online fundraising agencies such as the KNTA shopping mall, Naver Smart Store, and Kakao Talk Store, post offices nationwide, and postal fundraising at each school and workplace. .

The 2020 Christmas seal fundraising is expected to proceed by the end of February 2021 with the goal of raising 3 billion won with the approval of the Minister of Health and Welfare. In addition to Christmas seals this year, fundraising products (green seals, mugs, pens, cup coasters, pin buttons, postcard sets) using the image of Pengsoo will be released. The release schedule of Christmas seals and fundraising products will be announced later at the Korea Tuberculosis Association shopping mall.

Since 1953, when the Korean Tuberculosis Association was founded, annual Christmas seals have been issued to raise money to eradicate tuberculosis. Dokdo in 2006, Kim Yuna, who set a world record at the World Figure Championship in 2009, Pororo and his friends in 2011, and 10 independence activists in 2016 appeared as the main characters.

Meanwhile, Pengsoo, the protagonist and creator of EBS ‘Giant Peng TV’, received the Artist Award at the 47th Korean Broadcasting Awards, recorded on the 10th.
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