‘Spider-Man 3, Venom 2’ indefinitely postponed screening schedules… “Never be screened until the end of the covid-19” [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

When will we meet films such as ‘Spider-Man 3’and ‘Venom’? Sonic Pictures has officially announced that it will not release a tentpole movie that costs more than 200 million dollars (about 240 billion won) in production until the end of Corona 19.

Tony Vinciqueera, chairman of Sony Pictures, said in an interview with the American entertainment media The Lab on the 10th (local time), “In a situation where the safety of the theater is uncertain, a very high production cost movie that costs more than 200 million dollars won’t be screened.”

President Vinciqueera’s comments appear to be affected by the poor performance of ‘Tenet’ by director Christopher Nolan, who currently has a production cost of 250 million dollars. Earlier, President Vinciqueera pointed out that when Warner Bros. decided to release ‘Tenet’, it was a mistake to release the movie until the theater capacity reached its maximum.

Due to the official remarks of Chairman Vinciqueera, the release of ‘Venom 2’, ‘Morbius’, and ‘Ghostbusters 3’, as well as ‘Spider-Man 3’ produced by Sony and Walt Disney’s Marvel studios without promise done.


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