‘The Secret Man’ Kang Eun-tak disappears, Lee Chae-young appears as savior

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In the dark forest, Lee Chae-young appeared as a ‘savior’ while the ‘secret man’ Kang Eun-tak disappeared and all his family went to search. The disappearance of Kang Eun-tak raises curiosity as a huge post-storm, which is foreshadowing the family members who are in a crucible of confusion, is foreshadowed.

On the 11th, KBS2’s daily drama ‘The Secret Man’ (played by Lee Jeong-dae, director Shin Chang-seok, and Celltrion Entertainment) released the stills of family members who were mixed with the disappearance of Lee Tae-pung (played by Kang Eun-tak) on the 11th.

‘The Secret Man’ is a drama about the process of a man, whose intelligence is seven years old in an accident, faces a miracle on the threshold of death and runs for revenge. The love and desire of the two women around him, and the turbulent lives of the characters. It is expected to present an index of a different daily play.

In the last 4 episodes, Tae-pung is a pure young man who gained intelligence at the age of 7 due to an accident as a child. He visits Seoul with Han Yoo-jeong(Eom Hyunkyung). However, it became a division that Yoo-myeong called a taxi to make Tae-pung go back to Chuncheon. Tae-pung was left alone in a dark forest.

The appearance of Han Yu-ra (played by Lee Chae-young), who appeared with an umbrella like a savior in front of Tae-pung, raises curiosity. While the typhoon feels relieved by Yu-ra’s appearance, Yu-ra draws attention with two reversed expressions. In addition, in the trailer, Yu-ra’s back figure wiping the wet typhoon with a towel in the late night rain is captured, making you feel suspicious.

All of the family members were confused by Tae-pung’s disappearance, and their mother, Lee Gyeong-hye (played by Yang Mi-kyung) and Yoo-jeong, were also restless and reported missing. Meanwhile, Tae-pung that appeared in the house is showing a cry in front of his family, raising questions about what happened to them.

‘The secret man’ staff said, “Tae-poong faces a crisis due to this disappearance. He said, “Please check the full story of the incident through episode 5 of’The Secret Man’, which contains a big event in the life of Tae-pung.”

‘The Secret Man’ with Kang Eun-tak, Eom Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young, and Lee Si-gang is broadcast every Monday to Friday at 7:50pm.


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