‘Voice Trot’ Fierce competition in Semi-final… An all-time real stage that can’t be missed

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Voice Trot’ Cheonghak-dong trot genius Kim Da-hyun, who received a review of an unpredictable partner and unexpected score, shocked other participants.

The long-awaited semi-final will be unveiled in MBN’s 20 billion mega project ‘Voice Trot’ (planning/directing Park Tae-ho), which airs on the 11th.

‘Voice Trot’ recorded an audience rating of 13.7% last week and once again broke its own highest rating.

‘Voice Trot’ was the first project in the history of Korean broadcasting, called Trot Survival, with a total of 80 top stars. Especially, performers who transcend generations and fields are making hot topics every week with tearful stories and creepy skills.

Among these, 12-year-old Korean classical music genius Kim Da-Hyun is receiving much attention. Kim Da-hyun, who received attention as the daughter of an education expert Kim Bong-gon, ‘Cheonghak-dong’s Medalist’, stood at the center of the’Boystrot’ syndrome with an impressive stage that even made the judges of the legends hot every time.

Kim Da-hyun is amazed by teaming up with an unexpected partner on the semi-final duet stage aired on this day. Her partner said, “I really wanted to be with Da-hyun, but I couldn’t say it because I was afraid that it would cause inconvenience. It feels like I was picked up by the king.”

The stage that was unveiled afterwards added the joy of seeing not only the explosive vocal skills of the two, but also delicious acting and an exceptional dance performance. In particular, Kim Da-hyun has a play and a playful charm by simultaneously exhaling the brilliant Lee Mong-ryong acting and the girl crush that the girl group looks like.

In response, legend judge Nam Jin responded with doubt, saying, “I thought Kim Da-hyun and her partner won’t match well,” and released a review, shocking everyone at the scene.

In addition, the cast members who watched this in the waiting room raised their curiosity as much as they were surprised when Kim Da-hyun’s score was released. As expected, attention is focused on the main broadcast as to who will be Kim Da-hyun’s past duet partner, the unexpected judgement and how many points everyone surprised.

On the other hand, Little Psy Hwang Min-woo, singer Hong Gyeong-min who debuted 24 years ago, Raptrot’s founder Sleepy, National Treasure High-Train UP10TION Sunyoul, All Crown Mythology Kim Hyun-min, Trot Prince Park Se-wook, and Heavenly Voice Seon-woo will appear.

The 10th episode of ‘Voice Trot’, where you can meet the semi-finals where the real stage begins, will be broadcast on MBN on Friday the 11th (today) at 9:50 pm.


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