‘Youth Record’ Park Bo-gum, the reason why we have no choice but to cheer for the brilliant challenge

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‘Youth Record’ Park Bo-gum’s brilliant challenge snipered viewers’ sympathy.

The reaction to tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Youth Record’ (screenplay Ha Myung-hee, directing Ahn Gil-ho) is hot. The stories of young people striving to achieve their dreams without giving up despite bumping into the wall of reality caught viewers at once. As proof of this, tvN’s first ever monthly TV dramas, starting with the first broadcast ratings, recorded an average of 8.2% and 10.2% on a paid platform that integrated cable, IPTV, and satellite, and ranked 1st in the same time period including cable and full-time TV. (Based on paid platform metropolitan area / provided by Nielsen Korea)

Even though they wander in the uncertain future, the dazzling today of youths who steadfastly make their own way gave a passionate sympathy and excitement. Director Ahn Gil-ho, who carefully captured the emotions of those filling the pages of youth, and Ha Myung-hee, who sharply pointed out the reality, added depth of empathy. In addition, stories of family members and people around them who watched the growth of youth in their own way also increased the level of immersion in the play.

Above all, Park Bo-gum’s passionate performance, who portrayed Sa Hye-jun (played by Park Bo-gum), a youth who constantly challenges the reality that doesn’t go as intended and swallows tears in failure, shined. His conviction to achieve his dreams with his own power, not someone’s help, sometimes seems reckless, but so I look forward to a brighter tomorrow. From the first episode, Sa Hye-jun poured out a youthful phrase that stimulates empathy. So, I pointed out the empathy moment that encourages viewers.

#7 year model dreaming of an actor, Sa Hye-jun’s tough today, “I’m under attack from reality”

Sa Hye-jun, who has come down a gorgeous runway, is an unrecognized actor and is no different from ordinary youth who have to transfer part-time jobs to live today. “How did it happen?” said Park Do-ha (played by Kim Gun-woo), who said, “My dream is the one standing in front of me. I can be a guy like this, but the time given to me is short.” Sa Hye-jun thought that it was a difficult reality for him, but at some point he looked at his friend’s younger sister (played by Jo Yoo-jeong) who was covered up and said, “How can I be fair only in time?” Won Hae-hyo (played by Byeon Woo-seok) asked what happened, “I keep under attack. Sa Hye-jun calmly confesses to reality.” It was a passage showing how difficult the world he lives in. Park Bo-gum wandered in an opaque future and created Sa Hye-joon’s complex emotions, which sometimes became infinitely small, with large-scale smoke, adding to the depth of attraction and empathy.

#Now when you change the direction, youth right at the turning point “I refuse what is not allowed”

After falling out of the audition for the movie, which he thought was the last bastion, Sa Hye-jun decided to change the direction he should go forward. Like his monologue, “I had a dream to have by doing what I wanted to do,” he believed that he would be able to succeed by doing what he liked, but it was not easy. Looking back at himself, his monologue was bitter, saying, “I also refuse what is not allowed to me.” Sa Hye-jun pledged to turn the army into a turning point. To the question of Lee Min-jae (played by Shin Dong-mi), “It’s not true, it’s a realistic decision,” Sa Hye-jun added regret. Despite the cynical reactions and sweet temptations around him, Sa Hye-joon has been able to steadily grow his dreams by taking control of himself by saying, “You can’t do it alone, you have to stop.” Since Sa Hye-jun was more desperate than anyone else and did his best, the viewers’ passionate support poured out on what kind of future the choice would bring.

#Youth faced with yourself, face-to-face with reality, “I deceived me to compare and not compete as a good character”

Sa Hye-jun thought it was time to give up her dream. However, the Milan fashion show that he left with Lee Min-jae was a time to feel the passion again. Sa Hye-jun learned the real reason for falling out of the movie audition. Even with the support of the director, it was overlooked. Sa Hye-jun faced reality. He also looked back on her feelings from his friend Won Hae-hyo, who had always been compared because he was developing the same dream. “I can’t explain it, but something goes wrong from inside. I knew what it was. ‘You are as you are, I am as cool as I am’. He deceived me to compare and compete as a good character. Now he feel relieved” and finally faced himself. Sa Hye-jun’s narration deeply penetrated the hearts of viewers. Sa Hye-jun, who has cleared his mind, raised the curiosity of how his tomorrow will be drawn when he faces the decisive turning point of his life.

#The family thought it was’on my side’, but “I think I should change too. It’s the same as the people in the world.”

For Sa Hye-jun, the ‘family’ is the only support to overcome the cold reality. However, the anxious and shabby reality that does not go as intended and has not achieved anything is shaking even that. The sorrow accumulated by the notice of enlistment that flew in front of Sa Hye-jun, who has become a ‘poisonous lump’ in the family, exploded. Despite the fact that he fell in the audition for the movie, the reaction of his father and brother, who said, ‘I can go to the army’ rather than consolation, was really hurt. “I thought the family was special. If the people who evaluate me in the background, I should change my thoughts. It’s the same as the people in the world,” adding a regret to the reddish eyes that vomit regret. A family who is hurt by a worrying word and meets up with more painful words because of their qualifications. Watching the growth of youth, and the realistic stories of those who are together raised consensus.

On the other hand, tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Youth Record’ is broadcast on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm.


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