Ahn Sung-ki won the Best Male Actor Award at the Houston Film Festival,’Paper Flower’ released in October [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Paper Flower’ starring Ahn Sung-ki will be released in October.

The film ‘Paper Flower’ (Director Ko Hoon) was the first Korean to win the Platinum Award for Best Actor and Best Foreign Language Film at the 53rd Houston International Film Festival held in April.

The launch poster, which was released on the 14th, contained the kindness of national actor Ahn Sung-ki. Surrounded by ‘paper flowers’ in white, yellow, and blue, the appearance of a smiling undertaker’s outfit reminds me of the warm comfort of Ahn Sung-ki in the movie.

It stimulates curiosity about the meaning of the ‘paper flower’ that will be used as the title of the film and an important medium for the work. It is a story where the funeral director Seong-gil, who lives with his son who has become a physically-challenged man after an accident, meets a mother and daughter who has moved to the next door and has hope for a forgotten life.

Although there is a hidden pain, Yujin returns to the screen after 11 years of decomposition in the role of Eun-suk, the neighbor of Seong-gil, who lives positively. Kim Hye-sung plays the role of ‘Ji-hyuk’, son of Seong-gil, whose life collapsed in an accident.


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