Danny Ahn “The secret of GOD’s longevity? Fighting and solving well” [pictorial]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the early 2000s, the first generation idol group god, who led the music industry by embroidering the performance hall with ‘sky blue balloons’. Among them, Danny Ahn is a member who is loved by her for her unchanging appearance over the years.

Danny Ahn, who has a warm and pleasant charm, took a pictorial with bnt. In this photo shoot with a total of three concepts, he wore a trench coat and khaki cargo pants to express a modern feeling. In the subsequent shoot, he wore a gray denim jumper and pants for a casual feel, and in the last shoot, he wore a suit to perfect the chic concept.

In an interview conducted after the filming was over, Danny Ahn said, “With Son Ho-young, we are running a program called Naver NOW ‘Lunch Attack’. Recently, GOD produced an OST for ‘Do you like Brahms?’ for the first time since debut. I feel new.”

The group god is considered a role model for many junior singers. When asked what the secret was, “I always talk to my juniors, but I think group life is important. It seems that I can’t fight if more than two people get together. It is natural to fight, but how to solve it is important. We also fought a lot, but it seems like we worked out well each time.”

The group god that showed many songs that everyone loves. When I asked if there was a song he loved the most, “A song that I always love changes. The one I hear most often these days is ‘0%’. It’s a love story, but I think it could be a story between our fans and ours.”

When asked who the member he contacted most often, he said, “There is a group chatting room, so all the members contact us often. I only do personal Kakao talk when I have something to nag or hear.” He replied, showing off his strong friendship.

He was active as a singer and at some point turned to an actor and showed various appearances. When asked if there was any other opportunity to transform into an actor, he said, “Actor was an area I was interested in. I started thinking about what kind of path to go after god.”

When asked what was the difference between acting as an actor and a singer, he said, “It’s the same job that expresses emotions. It is different that singers show on stage and actors have to control and express their emotions for a long time through acting. The conclusion seems to be difficult for both.”

When asked if there is a role or genre that he wants to challenge, “I want to challenge the noir. My favorite noir movies are ‘New World’ and’Sweet Life’. I want to do such a work.”

When asked if there is an actor who wants to match the breath together, “I want to work with actor Hwang Jung-min”, he said. “It seems like a wonderful actor who can play all roles.” He expressed his respect for Hwang Jung-min as an actor. When asked how he practiced acting, he replied, “I am practicing acting by appreciating and analyzing many works.”

When asked if there was an entertainment program that he wanted to appear on, he said, “I want to do a food truck program with the members in a foreign country like the tvN ‘Shall these Korean foods gain popularity outside of Korea?’”

When asked about his ideal type, he said, “The older you get, the less important your ideal type. I think the most important thing is to match my personality well.” When I asked him what his usual personality was like, who showed a quiet personality unlike the broadcast, he said, “It’s a strange personality. I am amazed at how I change every time I broadcast or concert.”

When asked how he usually manages his body, he said, “If I don’t exercise, I lose my weights. Even if I eat a lot, I do not gain weights a lot.” When asked if a slump had ever visited, he said, “I have come twice so far. I think I was worried about the future.” Then, when asked how to relieve stress, “Stay still. I tend to let it flow on its own.”

When asked what kind of actor he would like to be in the future, he said, “I want to become an actor who can handle various roles and genres like actors Sean Penn or Hwang Jung-min.” “I want to do a lot of dramas and movies. I want to challenge a strong character or villain,” he said, revealing his future aspirations.


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