‘Missing’ Lee Joo-myeong, delicate emotional acting, tear glands’stimulation’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Missing’ Lee Joo-myeong made viewers cry.

In episode 6 of OCN Saturday’s original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ (played by Bang Ki-ri Jeong So-young, director Min Yeon-hong), which aired on the 13th, Lee Joo-myeong caught the eye with a delicate emotional acting mixed with joy and emotion, recognized for their existence.

In the broadcast that day, it was revealed that Jang-mi(Lee Joo-myeong) was missing a year ago. The entertainment business manager reported her missing when her colleague was recently discovered as a corpse. No one had found her until the news became known to the world.

For Jang-mi, who lived a lonely life, living with the people of the village was ‘happiness’ itself. The ‘Remembrance Day’ that everyone has been waiting for, the walls of the café Hawaii, where the screens are installed, are full of photos of the dead of Duon Village, including Jang-mi.

Jang-mi was impressed when she saw a picture of herself with an affectionate gaze. She said, “My mother, whom I forgot in my memory, my friends who betrayed me, and the shitty man. I thought all humans were trash because all of you. But people in Duon Village are different. I’m really happy”, thinking, tearing up. It wasn’t until she died that she gave up her prejudice against people, and the image of the Jang-mi that was impressed with them came sadly.

With sad eyes and expressions, Lee Joo-myeong expressed the appearance of Jang-mi’s lonely past. In particular, she deeply portrayed the change of feelings of being happy as she remembers the people of Duon Village while being bitter while thinking of the past, raising the degree of immersion to the full.

Meanwhile, in the last episode 4, Jang-mi confessed that she had been hurt by someone who was rich and strong. Interest is focused on what kind of story is hidden from Jang-mi, who inspires the vitality of the village with a pleasant appearance.

‘Missing: The Other Side’ aired every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm on OCN.


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