‘Pleasant Champion 2’ Son Byung-ho “Rival? I’m curious about Na Tae-ju’s kick”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Pleasant Champion 2’ Son Byung-ho said he was curious about the kick of Na Tae-ju.

KBS2 ‘Pleasant Champion 2-Dancing Together’ (hereinafter referred to as Pleasant Champion 2) online production presentation was held. Son Byung-ho, Moon Sun-young, Brian, Hwang Joo-hee, Na Tae-ju, Jang Hye-jung, Angelina Kang Se-woong, and Kim Na-hee Lee Ik-hee participated.

Son Byung-ho is known as a hidden dance master, and his wife, a choreographer of Korean dance, decided to marry him for his dance skills.

Son Byung-ho said, “Each team has its own characteristics. I’m curious about what everyone will show.” “I think Na Tae-ju will kick, as he learned Taekwondo. I can’t do it. I’m looking forward to seeing how wonderful it has changed. I’m curious to see how it was made,” he cited Na Tae-ju as his rival.

In addition, Son Byung-ho said, “I love dancing so I didn’t want to lose it. Basically turn on brakes, etc. This genre has another taste and it is. This sports has power. My wife also likes to dance. My wife also visited me and said she wanted to do it together. After that, I wondered if I would go to learn sports dance with my wife. I practiced for nearly two months and I am falling for the charm of dancing.”

‘Pleasant Champion 2’ is a program that pursues a culture where people with disabilities and non-disabled people enjoy sports together, and is scheduled to air at 8:05 pm on October 25.


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