Jang Min-ho’s overseas fan meeting, donated 12.2 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Overseas fans of Jang Min-ho donated 12,200,000 won for the underprivileged and children in need.

The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation (Chairman Lee Je-hoon) said on the 15th, “The overseas fan meeting of Jang Minho residing in the Americas, Asia, Oceania, etc., collected a general donation at 10 o’clock in commemoration of Jang Min-ho’s lunar birthday (July 28) and donated 12,200,000 won to the foundation. I did.”

At the request of the fan meeting, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation plans to use the donations for the underprivileged and children in need.

Overseas fans who are active in the official fan cafe ‘Minho Special Forces’ said, “We wanted to join Jang Min-ho’s sharing move, who has been supporting underprivileged children for more than 10 years.” In addition, they said, “It contains the hearts of overseas fans who regret not being able to visit their homeland with Covid-19 and the heart of support for the spread of the good influence of Jang Min-ho.”

Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Chairman Lee Je-hoon said, “It will be good news for children who do not have access to opportunities for culture and arts education in difficult environments, or who are suffering from life hardships due to Covid-19.” “Children in their home countries can grow up as bright and healthy protagonists. I will convey the hearts of Jang Min-ho’s fans well so that I can do it,” he expressed his gratitude.

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