‘Junghee’ Stray Kids talk unit introduction #Hanbok concept #1st place pledge #10,000 people in real time (total)

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group Stray Kids filled’Jeonghee’ with gorgeous visuals and speech.

Stray Kids (Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, I.N.) appeared as a guest in the ‘Live on Air’ corner of MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon’s Hope Song Kim Shin-young (hereinafter ‘Jung Hee’)’ aired on the afternoon of the 15th.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young vigorously introduced the talk units Hyun-jin, Felix Seung-min, and the youngest I.N., saying that Stray Kids, who made a super-fast comeback in 3 months, is “the most popular” boy band.

Kim Shin-young asked to say, “Today is Felix’s birthday. Congratulations so much.” Felix said, “In fact, there is something I wanted to achieve on my birthday. It was my dream to support children. I realized that dream on my birthday.”

Congratulations was also given to Seungmin, who will be on her birthday next week. Seungmin said, “Thank you” and said, “It would be nice if you put an applause sound every time I talk about my wish.”

Kim Shin-young mentioned his relationship with Seungmin and praised him, saying, “I have been in sync with me when I was a newcomer.” The members said, “That’s right. Seungmin takes the lead in talking wherever he goes.”

Kim Shin-young recommended the formation of a new ‘talk unit’, saying, “I’m really proud. That’s why JYP sent 4 people to ‘Junghee’ as a talk unit.”

Stray Kids did not forget to promote the hot new song ‘Back Door’ released on the 14th. I.N. introduced, “Yesterday, ‘Life’ was released as a repackaged album. I listened to a total of 17 songs.”

In addition, when Seungmin said, “I was really surprised to hear that 300,000 copies of the album had already been pre-orders,” Kim Shin-young said, “Actually, 10,000 copies are difficult in the world these days.. It’s so amazing.” She realized the popularity of Stray Kids.

Regarding the goal of the new song, I.N said, “I want to be #1 in the music programs of the three broadcasting companies. In fact, I would be very grateful even if I ranked first in only one”

‘ Hyunjin, who is in charge of MC in MBC music program, ‘Show! Music Core, added, “It is my dream to call our team at number one in the program I am in charge of.” Kim Shin-young also said, “This album is so cool,” and put his strength in the top spot.

Regarding the different concept of wearing hanbok, Felix said, “I was confident and amazing. I was looking forward to dancing in hanbok on the stage.” Kim Shin-young said, “I want to tear down the stage in ‘Music Core’. It makes me amazing. Capsaicin was good as well. I saw the stage and tears fell.”

Regarding the pledge of No. 1 in music broadcasting, Seungmin said, “I will take a video of a baseball pitching that fans were curious about and upload it”, and Hyunjin promised “I will cover and upload the dance of my respected senior.” In addition, Felix presented various pledges, saying, “I like cooking, so I will make a cake.”

On the other hand, in the corner of the corner ‘Speed Quiz’, Hyunjin chose “romance” as the acting genre he wanted to challenge.

As for the reason, he said, “Because I really like romance,” and “I also like the depressing role. I want to challenge the deep and dark acting.”

Next, Hyunjin said, “Recently, I enjoyed the ‘discreet life of a doctor.’ But ‘Hotel Del Luna’ is still my favorite,” and said, “I would like to say hello to the drama directors who listen to the radio and ask for good help.” I got it.

Afterwards, Bongchun Radio’s YouTube director appeared in the studio and surprised Kim Shin-young and Stray Kids. Kim Shin-young admired the scale of the popularity of Stray Kids, who led even the director to visit, saying, “That’s my first time seeing him since the time of EXO’s Baekhyun.”

Lastly, Stray Kids promised to the fans, “Please look forward to this activity a lot” and “I will show you a good stage and song”.

On the other hand, Stray Kids released their 1st regular repackage album ‘IN生’ and the title song’Back Door’ on the 14th.


Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture

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