‘Shall we talk?’ Park Bo-young → Kim Gang-hoon, the excitement of completing the ending ‘Talk Talk Song’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Talk Tok Song’, which is completed with lyrics written by guests directly in the Tuesday corner of Kakao TV Morning, the first digital morning entertainment show in Korea, is raising the emotional index of viewers.

From the 1st Park Bo-young to the 2nd Park Eun-bin and the 3rd Kim Gang-hoon, which was released on the 15th, the guests who went on to the new Kakao Talk Talk Show exchanged more delicate and subtle emotions than the conversation with the host Kim Eana. It captivated the hearts of those who unraveled various stories from the unprecedented inside to the recent situation.

With various emoticons, ellipsis, and unexpected KakaoTalk tone, each guest’s emotions are revealed intact, giving a feeling of dullness on the way to work in the morning, and 100,000 views in an hour, even though it was early in the morning as soon as both episodes were released. It is gaining so much popularity that it goes beyond the

In particular, the ending corner of ‘Shall we Talk?’, ‘Lyrics Time tailored to Signature Songs’, confirms the peak of the fresh ideas and emotions of the guests and conveys more joy. The guest writes the lyrics directly, and Kim Eana. The ending, which adjusts the number of letters and completes the short melody of 8 bars, is a time for a short but deep connection between the host and the guest and a gift for the viewers.

Moreover, it is written and released in the handwriting of guests, stimulating a more unique sensibility. The writing of the guests, as if they were squeezing in the notes, conveys an analogue sensibility to the generations familiar with KakaoTalk, raising the signature atmosphere of’Shall we talk?’.

In fact, the first guest Park Bo-young is excited about the first appearance and a new form of Kakao Talk talk show with the lyrics ‘Was it delivered in letters/ I used emoticons/ I tried to hide behind calm words/Is my heart touched/I wish my heart touched’, capturing the attention with feelings for sympathy.

Park Eun-bin, who went out as a guest in the second episode, expressed her friendliness to Kim Eana, who she met for the first time, saying, “Can I call you my sister?” “I wanted to meet you / Let’s have a conversation. My heart tok tok! I had a very good time / It was nice to be together, Talk!’, drew a fun meeting with Kim Eana in the lyrics.

Kim Gang-hoon, the youngest guest who appeared in the 3rd episode, released on the 15th, eats Daechang Tteokbokki with Kim Eana, while having conversations on a variety of topics from love stories to tastes and hobbies. He made viewers smile.

In particular, Kim Eana made full use of her main job, her lyric writing skills, when she appeared as a guest for the first elementary school student, helping her to express Kim Gang-hoon’s youthful ‘children’s sensibility’ with high-quality lyrics comparable to adults. Together, the lyrics of Kim Gang Hoon’s ‘Talk Talk Song’ contain deep emotional sympathy that transcends generations of Kim Eana and Kim Gang-hoon, which attracts attention. In episode 3, you can’t miss the cute figure of Kim Gang-hoon singing ‘talk talk song’ with a clumsy and awkward voice.

In the midst of raising expectations with the Kakao Talk interview and ‘Talk Talk Song’ of new guests every week, ‘Shall we talk?’ is released on Kakao TV every Tuesday at 7 am.


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