‘Beauty Water’ recorded 50,000 vieweres… Vancouver Film Festival Invitation [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Beauty Water’ (director Cho Kyung-hoon) exceeded 50,000 viewers after 7 days of release. Even the news of the invitation to the 39th Vancouver International Film Festival is showing a strong presence.

On the 16th, the distributor of ‘Beauty Water’ announced that the movie had exceeded 50,000 viewers within a week of opening. At the time of its release on the 9th, it boasted the highest seating share among the films released in the same period, and on the 5th day of the release, it is being loved by the audience despite the difficult times, such as running in reverse at the box office and ranking third overall.

It is showing the power of K-Annie across the world. It is scheduled to be released in Singapore on the 17th and Taiwan on the 18th, and is receiving constant love calls from overseas film festivals.

Following the invitation of the animation competition section to the 53rd Sitges Film Festival, one of the world’s three largest fantastic film festivals, the ‘Beauty Water’ was invited to the 39th Vancouver International Film Festival held from the 24th to October 7th. At the 39th Vancouver International Film Festival, the largest film event held in Canada along with the Toronto International Film Festival and the Montreal International Film Festival, the’Magic Monster’ was officially invited to the Gateway category, a non-competitive screening of some of East Asia’s most notable films. .

‘Beauty Water’ is a horror plastic surgery story that Yeji encounters when she discovers ‘Beauty Water’, a dangerous miracle that becomes a perfect beauty when applied.


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