‘Retirement Announcement’ Lee Mi-ja, ‘2020 Trot Awards’ sortie Joint stage notice with juniors

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘A live witness of 100 years of Trot’s history’ Lee Mija has been confirmed to appear in the ‘2020 Trot Awards’.

The TV CHOSUN ‘2020 Trot Awards’, held at 10 p.m. on Thursday, October 1, is the first Trot Awards ceremony to be held in the history of Korean pop songs. It’s a show. From the ‘Big Trot Stars’ who are in charge of healing Korea, to the ‘Rising Trot Singers’ and ‘Legend Trot Masters’, trot singers will perform stages for the brilliant trot festival.

Lee Mi-ja announced her retirement from the ’60th Anniversary Concert’ in 2019, and is drawing attention as South Korea’s ‘Trot Queen’ Lee Mi-ja decided to appear in the world’s largest trot festival ‘2020 Trot Awards’.

Although she left the public with regret, she recognized the purpose of the ‘2020 Trot Awards’ for the first time in Korea, and has readily accepted the appearance, raising the dignity and status of the ‘Trot Festival’.

Above all, the fact that Lee Mi-ja, recognized as a symbol of Korean Trot through the ‘Trot One-Way Life’, who has been running for over 60 years, appears in the ‘2020 Trot Awards’, reflects the meaning of the ‘2020 Trot Awards’, the first ‘Trot Festival’ in Korea. It is shining. Lee Mi-ja debuted in 1959 with ‘Nineteen Soon’ and shared the joys and sorrows of Korea. So far, she has released over 2,500 songs and 560 albums, leaving a record for the first female singer to sell 1 million albums. Moreover, Lee Mi-ja was listed in the Guinness World Records in 1990 for the release of Korea’s most albums and songs, and was awarded numerous titles such as ‘The Empress of Trot’, ‘The Queen of Elegy’, and’National Singer’. Receiving.

In particular, Lee Mi-ja is attracting attention as to whether she can make a joint stage with ‘Trot Juniors’ dreaming of ‘Post Lee Mi-ja’ at the ‘2020 Trot Awards’. Over 400 hit songs such as Lee Mi-ja’s songs ‘Camellia Girl’, ‘A Teacher in an island’, ‘Goose Dad’, ‘Girl’s Life’, ‘Sorrowful Daedonggang’ and ‘Bird Flower’ are re-examined by many younger singers. The state that exerts the power to connect. As such, as of 2020, attention is focused on whether Lee Mi-ja, who has served as a strong support for the opening of the Trot Highway era, will provide another monumental stage at the ‘2020 Trot Awards’.

The production crew said, “In the request of the ‘2020 Trot Awards’, the first and largest Trot Grand Prix show in Korea, Lee Mi-ja made a promise to appear with a desire for the trot revival. Singers are scheduled to appear. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, the ‘2020 Trot Awards referendum’, which has been operated through the official application of ‘Miss & Mr. Trot’ since the 2nd, includes ‘Popularity Awards for Men-Women’ and ‘Trot Singer Awards Selected by Teenagers’, which can only participate under the age of 19. It is held in the ‘Global Star Award’ category.

Voting for the ‘Trot Singer Awards Selected by Teenagers’ and ‘Global Star Awards’ will be closed until midnight on the 27th (Sun). Voting will be held until the day of the live broadcast on October 1 (Thursday), and the results will be announced on the same day.


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