‘Heart Attack’ starring Lee Sung-kyung, released on October 5th as Watcha Play

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The time-slip fantasy short film ‘Heart Attack’ starring Lee Sung-kyung (director Lee Choong-hyun) will be released online on October 5.

‘Heart Attack’ is a time-slip fantasy romance that tells the story of a woman who turns 100 times to save a loved one. Director Lee Choong-hyun and actress Lee Sung-kyung met.

The movie draws attention to the fact that all the shootings, including the main story, the trailer, the making film, and the poster, were shot with the Samsung smartphone Galaxy S20 Ultra. It presents the audience with a unique shooting technique and a lively screen that is possible because it is a smartphone and a video that is so dense that it is impossible to feel that it was filmed only with a smartphone. You can get a glimpse of the visual beauty.

Director Lee Chung-hyun said, “It is a romance movie with a lovely twist,” and “As the Galaxy S20 captures angles and movements that cannot be done with a large camera or equipment, ideas that were previously unthinkable came to mind. The filming techniques contained in this movie will be able to be copied and tried by anyone with a smartphone.”

In addition,’Heart Attack’ has shown a unique mise-en-scene and fresh storytelling through various attempts through ‘Beauty Inside’ (2015), ‘The Handmaiden’ (2016), ‘Luck-Key’ (2016), and ‘Believer’ (2018). Production company Yong Film participates in the production, raising expectations for the completeness of the work.

It will be released for the first time through the OTT platform Watcher with domestic audiences on October 5th.


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