‘Junghee’ YooA X Kim Nam-joo, next generation solo queen talks #Role model BoA #I want to work with Psy and Eom Jung-hwa (general)

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Oh My Girl YooA and A Pink Kim Nam-joo filled ‘Junghee’ by showing their charms and wit of the next generation solo queen.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon’s Hope Song Kim Shin-young (hereinafter ‘Jung Hee’)’, which aired on the afternoon of the 16th, Oh My Girl YooA, A Pink Kim Nam-joo, who returned solo appeared as a guest in the’Guests’ corner.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young vigorously introduced YooA and Kim Nam-joo, saying, “It is a solo new singer who shines even within the group, but shows another charm.”

Kim Nam-joo greeted “I am a sub-character Kim Nam-joo in A Pink”, and Yoo said, “I’m also back from Oh My Girl as a sub-character” and said, “I am the ‘child of the forest’ on the 11th day of urban life.”

Kim Shin-young congratulated in advance, saying, “Tomorrow is the birthday of YooA,” she added, “I will celebrate Kim Nam-joo’s birthday without forgetting it next year.”

YooA and Kim Nam-joo gave a unique impression as they went solo in a group at the same time.

Kim Nam-joo said, “It’s actually the 2nd week of my solo activity, but I’m not sure if I’m working alone.” Kim Nam-joo said, “I really keep in touch with the members every day,” and said, “In fact, it’s been the 2nd week since my solo debut, but now I’ve gotten a little bit better. It’s already the last minute because the stage has been adjusted.”

Then Kim Nam-joo said, “I will tear it up in the last room this week,” and Kim Shin-young cheered, “Time to fly higher.”

YooA, who won first place at the same time as her solo debut, said, “I cried out loud.”

She said, “I didn’t care about the original music broadcast ranking at all. But as soon as I received it, I cried so much.” “I think my tears burst more because leader Hyo-jeong appeared in surprise. I give this honor to all who participated in the album and to all those who like me. I will give it to you,” she added.

Then, when Kim Shin-young asked, “I heard that you cried 7 times during the showcase,” she said, “All the members of Oh My Girl came. It was the day of the typhoon, and I was so grateful.” YooA answered, “As I worked as a soloist, the members became more apathetic. It was impossible without members. So I kept crying.”

Kim Nam-joo also said that he was grateful for the care of Apink members. Kim Nam-joo said, “I received a lot of tips from Jung Eun-ji and Oh Ha-young, who debuted as a soloist,” and said, “Ha-young first recognized the hardships to endure as a solo, and Eun-ji gave me a lot of coaching for songs.” .

In addition, Kim Nam-joo said, “(G)I-dle So-yeon wrote and composed the lyrics for the new song ‘Bird’. We hired directly in front of the vending machine for music broadcasting, and we had a meeting immediately after exchanging contact information.”

Questions about YooA’s solo activities also followed. When Kim Shin-young asked, “You are the first Oh My Girl member who released a solo album in 5 years. I think the burden must have been enormous,” YooA said, “It was too burdensome. I think I was embarrassed because I didn’t even think about it.”

YooA said, “I filmed the music video for ‘Bon voyage’ in Jeju Island. The scale is big. I have no memory other than sleeping for an hour while filming for two days and two days and one night.”

In addition, when the YooA said, “I really tried to dance by feeling the energy of nature and immersed in it,” Kim Shin-young said, “I can’t travel abroad as much as these days, but I was healed with my eyes because the mountains and the sea came out.”

Next, when Kim Shin-young said that the ‘Bon voyage’ feels like Boa’s ‘Atlantis’ a lot, she said, “I’ve been a fan of BoA and I’ve been broadcasting with BoA in the past. Can I have the courage to send a text message?” She posted a video letter shyly.

Kim Nam-joo also revealed that BoA was her role model since her childhood. She added, “I respect and love BoA. I have practiced and dreamed up watching seniors’ dance. I want to see you.”

On the other hand, Kim Nam-joo chose “Psy” as a singer who wants to do a collaboration together. She showed enthusiasm, saying, “I want to sing a song that burns my soul together. All night is possible.” YooA chose “Eom Jung-hwa” and sent a love call saying, “If I had a dream when I was younger looking at BoA, these days I am learning a lot by watching Eom Jung-hwa’s energy.”

On the other hand, Oh My Girl Yoo won first place in music broadcasts with her first solo title song ‘Bon Voyage’ on the 7th. Apink Kim Nam-joo also transformed into an intense female warrior through her first solo single ‘Bird’.


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture

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