Lee Do-jin, a warm explosion in a white shirt…’School visual’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Lee Do-jin shot a woman’s heart with a warm visual.

Lee Do-jin posted a photo on his Instagram on the 15th, saying, “The radio live broadcast has ended well. A fan I encountered at a pharmacy gave me a vitamin. See you in my hometown tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock.”

In the released photo, Lee Do-jin is recording in front of the microphone. Lee Do-jin, who has a red hair style that suits them well, catches the eye with a perfect visual unchanged. Lee Do-jin wears a white shirt with an impressive ruffle decoration, and it blends with his white skin and exudes the scent of ‘a man who came out of a comic book’.

Netizens who encountered the photo cheered, “I’ll listen the radio show that you appeared”, “You’re really so perfect”, “Healing with your voice, and cleansing your eyes with your beauty”, and “You’ve worked so hard today.”

Lee Do-jin appeared on KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’ stage of challenge dreams, broadcasted on the 16th as a pre-announcement, and confessed to a difficult family affair with aspirations, saying, “I will be a great singer for my loved ones,” added emotion.

After appearing on TV Chosun’s entertainment program’Mr. Trot tomorrow’, Lee Do-jin has emerged as a trot bird, and is active in various programs.


Photo| Dojin Lee SNS

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