‘The god of Trot is coming 2’ Nam Jin, confessed when he was unknown, “All singers have once been an unknown singer”

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

The one-point lesson of Nam Jin, the trot godfather of ‘The god of Trot is coming 2’ begins.

SBS entertainment program ‘The god of Trot is coming 2-Last Chance” (hereinafter ‘The god of Trot is coming 2’) is an audition program that finds the stage and name for unknown singers who lost their stage in the aftermath of the spread of Covid-19. In the first episode of ‘The god of Trot is coming 2′, which aired on the 9th, the stage of all of Joo Hyun-mi and Jang Yoon-jung’s team was drawn. The different class styles for each mentor and the changing stages of the participants stimulated viewers’ interest.

In ‘The god of Trot is coming 2’, which airs on the 16th, the stage of two members of the Jang Yoon-jung team, Kim Yeon-ja team, and Nam Jin team will unfold. Among them, viewers are wondering what secrets Nam Jin, the godfather, and the living history of the trot world, will pass on to his juniors.

As a mentor, Nam Jin listened to the participant’s life story from the first meeting and gave advice as a Trot senior and life senior. In particular, Nam Jin said, “All singers have once been an unknown singer,” he said, saying that he sincerely comforted and supported the situation of his juniors by bringing out his unknown days.

Nam Jin, who asked “Why are you so nervous” while watching the mentor Trot gods on the stage of the other team that took place earlier, showed that he was more nervous than anyone else when his team participant went on the stage. As a result, I am curious about the heated competition that made Nam Jin of the world nervous.

Among these, the first participant in Nam Jin’s team is a talented player who won five consecutive victories in other contest programs, and he is curious because he had a special relationship with Seol Woon-do. As soon as Seol Woon-do saw the participant, he found out, “Where did I see a lot”. Who is the talent from the 5th consecutive win of the contest program? What is the special delay between Seol Woon-do and the participants? I look forward to the broadcast of ‘The god of Trot is coming 2’, where you can check all this.

Meanwhile, SBS ‘The god of Trot is coming 2-Last Chance’ will be aired at 9 pm on the 16th.


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