‘Yoo Quiz’ new employee → Representative, special feature of ‘Miseng’ who lives hard while dreaming of completion

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Men and women 2049 target audience rating itself, breaking the highest record, keeping the first place in the same time zone on all channels, and meeting the ‘Misaeng’ by rank at tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’, which has become the center of joy on Wednesday night.

In episode 72 of ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block (Director Kim Min-seok)’ broadcast at 8:50 pm on the 16th, a special feature of ‘Miseng’ will be unveiled. Taking a person’s journey with you who connects stones one by one to win their own Go bout. The new employee, the deputy, the team leader, the manager, and the representative himself appear as Yooquizers and tell the various aspects of company life.

First, Byeon Sang-hee and Ji-Hyeon Ji-hyun were on the show as rookies of the company, making effort to adaptat to the company. The 7-month-old bank worker’s heartbreaking career journey, interview questions left at the company, as well as the feeling of becoming an office worker, the day when he hates to go to work Be honest. It is said that Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho also strongly sympathized with the story of the loss of 25 million won for the deadline, and the episodes that were two minutes before work time and even missed calls were piled up when I opened my eyes.

The story of ‘Kim Dae-ri’ full of passion by Kim Song-joon, who is the fifth year of a foreign advertising company, also attracts attention. We talk about the memories of the day when we were a veteran employee, the day when we were promoted as deputy, and the difficult parts of our work. The road to submit an important company proposal, typos in the documents, pouring rain, and the blockage of the car on the eve of the holidays raise the curiosity that the experience of facing a crisis of a lifetime at work has aroused regret.

Team leader Yoo Kkotbi, a liquor company who has praised the industry with her confidence, smiles with her extraordinary strength. She introduced herself as “a working mother with ambition,” and showed her presence from the beginning. She consistently boasted a pleasant aspect and snipes the big self and the baby’s laugh button. The story behind the contract was concluded by demonstrating her ambition, and the secret of the trade that helped her survive in the industry. The worries that she cannot laugh as the team leader and the grievances as a working mother are also predicted, increasing curiosity.

We also have a rich conversation with Park Gwang-ju, the ‘Sales God’, who sold the most automobiles in Korea. He said, “Would you like to sign a contract?” is the most spoken word in his life, revealing his work life fiercely than anyone else until he became a manager with a higher salary than the president. The life story of the manager in his 50s, who sells over 12,000 new cars as of the recording day, sometimes made precious ties with customers, and sometimes suffered unspeakable difficulties, is expected to give a calm resonant to the home theater.

The success story of CEO Park Yong-joon, who changed the paradigm of fish cake with a brilliant idea, continues. He, who has achieved 100 billion won in sales by creating a ruined family business, introduces constant challenges and efforts for the globalization of K-fishball cake. The business was sluggish and the weight of the debt that was difficult to bear, the various attempts that started from desperateness, the opportunity to create a bakery-type fishball cake shop, the burden and loneliness to bear as a representative, and nevertheless, because of their love for the fish cake that they are happy. He raised the curiosity that he did not spare support.

PD Kim Min-seok, who was in charge of directing, said, “In Episode 72, the stories of the young people of this age who are living hard and dreaming of completion will be revealed. From new recruits to representatives, not only are they struggling to fulfill their assigned duties at their respective positions, but also common questions such as ‘questions for different positions’ will add fun and lingering.”

tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ airs every Wednesday at 8:50 pm.


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