BTS V, ‘In the Soop’ healing…Fans also had a relaxed time

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

BTS V has healed properly in ‘In the Soop’. For fans, it was a healing in itself.

In episode 5 of the JTBC entertainment program ‘In the Soop BTS’, which aired on the 16th, the members started their second healing trip from their accommodation to the forest. Members started energetic travel by sharing a sandwich and kimbap made carefully by V’s mother.

V and J-Hope moved to the car together and talked about V’s first mixtape. V confessed that there was a lot of excitement and worries at the same time, saying, “Indeed, I’m worrying about my first mixtape, wondering fans will love it.”

J-Hope warmly advised, “You just have to show the music you want to show whatever you want to do”, and V expressed his desire to approach the fans honestly, saying, “I want to hear the music I have done and liked.”

The members gathered in the forest divided their roles, prepared meals, and finished washing dishes after meals, and spent their own time. V played a baseball game with Jin, and the two had a great time struggling with their innocent appearance.

After that, V sat in a canoe floating in the middle of the river and fell in thought. Some of the songs that are supposed to be the mixtape that V is preparing came out, and the sweet melody and lyrical lyrics harmonized well with V’s healing voice, impressing the fans.

V said, “This is great healing. “I didn’t think about it up to this point,” he said to himself cutely, making Ami laugh.

Fans say, “Tae-hyung’s existence itself is a healing” and “Tae-hyung’s voice is so good. “I want to hear the mixtape quickly,” and “Tae-hyung in the forest looks like a picture” and was assimilated into V’s healing.

Meanwhile, on the morning of the 17th, the group BTS was invited to the American NBC audition program ‘America’s Got Talent’ as a ‘special performance’ and made a ‘Dynamite’ stage. BTS are engaged in popular American programs, such as performing in the ‘2020 City Music Series’, a summer concert series of ‘Today Show’ following interviews with the famous NBC morning show ‘Today Show’.

Photo|JTBC broadcast screen capture
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