Kim So-hyun “Real Estate Dating with Son Jun-ho before marriage”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor So-Hyun Kim tells a story about real estate.

Kim So-hyun appears on the MBC pilot program ‘Money’, which airs at 8:50 pm on the 18th and talks about real estate.

‘Money’ is a program that solves information about ‘real estate’, a hot issue in Korea, in an easy and fun way. In the first episode broadcast on the 11th, with the theme of ‘Yongsan-gu,’ the center of Seoul and an area of issue, from’Yongsan Maintenance Window’, the rising region, to Huam-dong, which has emerged as a new ‘Seulsekwon’, it contains life-oriented information. It was well received.

Every week, a native celebrity from the filming area appears as a guest and tells the story of the neighborhood. In this week’s ‘Yeongdeungpo’, Kim So-hyun, a musical goddess who has lived in Yeouido for a long time, appeared as a special guest and showed a unique talk.

She showed a sense of singing the her high school song, which is in Yeouido, from her appearance, and she certified that she is a native of Chin (?) who attended Yeouido in both elementary, middle and high schools. It is said that they released amazing stories about Yeouido, such as “I saw the losing process firsthand”.

In addition, he said, “I went to real estate in each region on a date course since I was in love with my husband, Son Jun-ho,” and said that MC Kim Gura was admired for showing his extraordinary interest and passion for real estate. However, it is said that she did not know the world situation at the time, so the story of being knocked out at the real estate was disclosed and surprised everyone in the field. Kim So-hyun’s funny story can be confirmed through the broadcast.

Meanwhile, Kim So-hyun revealed that she moved a lot so that she could live almost all of the apartments in Yeouido due to the circumstances of her family, and said, “There were times when my house was different when I got to school and when I left school.”

In particular, it is said that after checking the current market price of the apartment that was first arranged by his parents and sold a few years ago, he was amazed and called his mother to laugh.

Along with the reason for calling his mother so eagerly, Kim So-hyun’s remarkable achievements as a special guest can be seen at 8:50 pm on the 18th at ‘Money’.

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