Park Si-eun and Jin Tae-hyun shared their plan for having a child (Radio Star)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Si-eun and Jin Tae-hyun shared their plan for having a child.

MBC ‘Radio Star’, which aired on the 16th, was decorated with a special feature of ‘Management Expedition’ with Park Si-eun, Jin Tae-hyun, Sam Hammington, and Lee Jin-sung.

On this day, Park Si-eun said, “I had a number of public relations tests, but when I debuted as ‘Good Friends’ 22 years ago. At that time, the drama’s writer was the now the writer of ‘Radio Star’. He came in and made an appearance.”

Jin Tae-hyun confessed to the symptoms of separation anxiety, saying, “If I cannot see my wife Park Si-eun, I feel the symptoms of separation anxiety.” “In fact, my wife Park Si-eun accompanied me to the entertainment recording site where she appeared alone.

In October last year, Park Si-eun and Jin Tae-hyun adopted a daughter, who they met at an orphanage in Jeju Island, when enjoying their honeymoon trip in 2015. As Jin Tae-hyun’s eyes were focused on our family, there were good things but bad things. After the broadcast, there was also a bad comment, ‘Isn’t it adopted because of their broadcast?’ We’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, so we don’t care about online trolls. But I was worried that my daughter would get hurt.”

Park Si-eun and Jin Tae-hyun couple also revealed their plans for the second generation. Jin Tae-hyun said, “I went to the urology department to prepare for pregnancy,” and “the result was that sperm was healthy.” Kim Gu-ra boasted that “I am the official king of sperm”, and Jin Tae-hyun said, “If your brother is a king, I am the emperor. Your brother is 100 million seats, I am 300 million seats.”

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