Rookie Actress Jeon Chae-eun breaks through 400 to 1 and appeared in ‘STONE SKIPPING’

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The rookie Jeon Chae-eun reveals his strong presence through the human film ‘STONE SKIPPING’ (directed by Kim Jeong-sik, produced by film history take).

Jeon Chae-eun passed through the competition rate of 400 to 1 through the unanimous agreement of all the judges in the first diversity film new actor discovery project hosted by Gyeonggi Contents Agency and Cine 21 in 2017.

In ‘STONE SKIPPING’, she took the role of Eun-ji, a runaway girl who came to the village where Seok-gu (Kim Dae-myeong) lives to find her father, and exudes a sense of presence. In a rural village, she will not only be rebellious on the outside, but also a best friend over his age with Kim Dae-myeong, who plays Seok-gu, and a wounded child who lived with pain in her heart.

The film tells the story of an adult, having 8-year-old intelligent, who runs a rice mill in a peaceful rural village, and his world collapses as a result of an unexpected incident. Kim Dae-myeong, Song Yoon-a, and Kim Eui-seong appear. Director Kim Jeong-sik’s first feature film will be released on the 30th.

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