‘Hot Ramen Research Institute’ Seo Jang-hoon → Ham Yeon-ji’s ‘Appetite Puberty’ MC Corps sortie

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The MC Corps of ‘Hot Ramen Research Institute’ releases a chemistry of the highest level ever.

Before the first broadcast of MBC’s Chuseok special entertainment program ‘Hot Ramen Research Institute’, a teaser video that allows you to check the chemistry of MCs in advance was first released on MBC’s official SNS on the 18th.

‘Hot Ramen Research Institute’ is a program that visits people with unique ramen recipes with the theme of ‘Ramen’, a food for Korean people’s life, to taste and evaluate. As the MC corps, Seo Jang-hoon, Seong Si-kyung, Kim Jong-guk, Haha, and Ham Yeon-ji have been selected and attracted attention, and they are said to be showing off their chin chemistry by showing their great humors throughout the recording.

Seo Jang-hoon, a representative hitch in the entertainment industry, also showed the appearance of a ‘professional nagger’ who does not let go of nagging throughout the ‘Hot Ramen Research Institute’. MCs stick their tongue out at his appearance that carefully considers both taste and hygiene. “What’s the part that is not upsetting to the alternative brother?”

Haha, through the announcement of ‘Commentary of Ramen Flavor’ written by each MC, has been reborn as a ‘Commentary Fairy’, but despite being an anonymous one line comment, he also embarrassed everyone by showing an MC’s vocal mimic that boasts 100% synchro rate. Kim Jong-kuk, who’s known as ‘Rainyi’ (Ramen + Children), and not enjoying ramen usually, surprised everyone by eating Ramen enough to be told to stop eating it throughout the recording.

On the other hand, Ham Yeon-ji, who challenged the first MC through ‘Hot Ramen Research Institute’, caught the attention of MCs with his unique bright character.In particular, she ignored (?) difficult questions and listened to only the words she wanted to hear. Announced the birth.

While there is no end to the scoring throughout the recording with their own bitter tastes, whether ramen that unanimously matched their adolescent tastes could be found in MBC’s Chuseok special ‘Hot Ramen Research Institute’, which is broadcast in two parts during the Chuseok holiday.


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