‘Start! Video Journey’ What is Jang Hyuk’s ‘Favorite movie he secretly enjoys’?

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Jang Hyuk tells his favorite movie that he secretly enjoys.

In ‘Start! Video Journey’, where you meet the masterpieces introduced by the filmmakers of ‘Video Travel’, we prepared an interview with the actor Jang Hyuk, who shows off the unchanging aspect of the historical lord through the new work ‘The Swordsman’.

He exudes extraordinary charisma from his eyes, but in this work, he has to go through more rigorous practice in order to reach the stage of wielding a sword without seeing, playing with Taeyul, a swordsman who is losing his sight. The work that was summoned by breathing in like an actor who seems to fit the most harmful pest in life was ‘roughly’ was also considered one of the masterpieces. Although it is a work recognized as a masterpiece of the century, actor Jang Hyuk’s viewing points and in-depth interviews contained in it are revealed through broadcast.

On the other hand, in ‘Amazing Story’, we meet the story of ‘Diva’ who gradually falls into madness in a world of relentless game. This work is a unique and fresh material called a thriller based on’diving’ for the first time in Korea, and the highly psychological exhibition of actors Shin Min-ah and Lee Yoo-young makes the audience immerse into the tension that stirs up the audience. Lee Young (Shin Min-ah), who was promising as a diva in the diving world, will quickly take a quick look at the uncomfortable truth that he encountered after an unfortunate accident.

In addition to this, in ‘On Movie’, ‘Greenland’, which depicts a family’s struggle to arrive at a safety shelter within 48 hours to avoid the end of the earth, is displayed on the screen by Daisuke Igarashi, a cartoonist in ‘Little Forest’, in ‘There is a Reason’. The transferred’Child of Seawater’ is compared with’Hidden Characters’ in ‘Hot Performances.ZIP’, where only famous actors are collected, and ‘Cheerleading Club’ and ‘Project Ambition’ in ‘Movie vs. Movie’.

‘Start! Video Journey’ is broadcast at 12:10 noon on the 20th.


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