The reason why the romance of Park Bo-gum X Park So-dam is expected in ‘Record of Youth’

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‘Record of Youth’ Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam properly shook the hearts of viewers.

The shining day of youth running toward their dreams in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Record of Youth’ (screenplay Ha Myung-hee, directing Ahn Gil-ho) is causing hot sympathy and excitement. Sa Hye-jun (played by Park Bo-gum), who reopened the dream he had folded, took a step toward a new starting line as an actor. The appearance of counter-punching the viewers’ heart rate as if encouraging only giving up as a vain dream raised the viewers’ heart rate. Above all, the change in the relationship between Sa Hye-jun and Ahn Jung-ha (played by Park So-dam) became closer by sharing the pain they felt while bearing the weight of reality. ‘Record of Youth’ gave excitement and raised curiosity about the future development.

Accordingly, the viewer reaction is also explosive. The rating of 4 times broadcast on the 15th recorded an average of 9.6% and a maximum of 11.6% on a paid platform that integrated cable, IPTV, and satellite, changing its own highest ratings, keeping the top spot in the same time zone. (Based on the paid platform metropolitan area / provided by Nielsen Korea) The popularity was also proven in the topic chart. In the topicality index (September 7th to September 13th) released by Good Data Corporation, a TV topicality analysis agency, it ranked first in the entire drama category, including terrestrial, full-length, and cable. And Park Bo-gum was on the top of the caster topicality index, and Park So-dam ranked 4th. In addition, the content influence index (CPI Powered by RACOI) was ranked first in the’Influential Program Drama’ ranking in the second week of September, showing off its power.

Young people struggling to achieve their dreams on their own, without moderately compromising on reality. Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam, who realistically solved the face of a youth who struggles fiercely between dreams and reality, are receiving favorable reviews. Sa Hye-jun and Ahn Jung-ha change into beings that sympathize with each other and comfort each other. In particular, every single word and action of Sa Hye-jun was’excitement’ for the stable. I pointed out the excitement moment that was synchronized with stability and made viewers’ hearts’heartbeat’.

# The reason why I like Sa Hye-jun among many stars, special empathy ability! Various charms that attract Ahn Jung-ha

Sa Hye-jun was the only way out for Ahn Jung-ha to heal her difficult daily life. The excitement of meeting ‘the favorite star’ of her dream was also briefly embarrassed in front of Sa Hye-jun due to the misunderstanding of Jinju designer (played by Jo Ji-seung). Sa Hye-jun appeared in front of Ahn Jung-ha, who was struggling alone. “You were misunderstood before? I didn’t even know that,” said Sa Hye-jun, who gave a warm word and Ahn Jung-ha was impressed by Sa Hey-jun. “I have a lot of stars left and I know for sure why I like Sa Hye-jun today. He has a special empathy ability.” The figure of Ahn Jung-ha, who was trapped in the’re-entry’ speech, tickled her heart.

#The butterfly effect of the scarf that Sa Hye-jun handed over! ‘Even if I’m alone, I feel like I’m with someone’

Ahn Jung-ha dislikes rainy days. Because she felt like she’s left alone in the world. By sharing the pain of a stable daily life with Sa Hye-jun, who became a friend, they strengthened each other. Sa Hye-jun’s small actions and words touched Ahn Jung-ha’s injured heart. Sa Hye-jun also said to Ahn Jung-ha, who will say anything, “I feel comfortable with you. He replied, “Because I hurried to talk about the inside, I also relieved my alertness.” Sa Hye-jun, who tilts his umbrella in the sudden rain and handed over a scarf in cold weather, made even viewers excited. An image of Ahn Jung-ha smiling, recalling the past of always being alone, saying, “I feel so good that I am alone and with someone,” also brought on warmth.

#A magical spell that comforts you, “I forgives your sins, Ahn Jung-ha”

For Ahn Jung-ha, who hid that she’s a big fan of Sa Hye-jun, every moment was a crisis. When Sa Hye-jun said that he hates liars the most, he ended up doing’dug-ming-out’. “right! The appearance of Sa Hye-jun smiling as if he knew he knew at the confession of “I’m your fan” caused excitement. He expressed all of his hidden’virtues’ that unseals his heart, and expressed his gratitude to Sa He-jun for comforting him in every difficult moment. In fact, that day was the day that Jung-ha needed comfort. “You know that? If it’s hard, you are fluttering brighter to avoid being noticed!” Ahn Jung-ha tried to laugh, but she wasn’t easy to manage her emotions. She thought she was holding up firmly, but she was also an uneasy youth. The harassment of the pearl designer was also said to have a reason, and Sa Hye-jun’s hand was comforting like magic to Ahn Jung-ha, who tears in tears that it was all his fault. The appearance of Ahn Jung-ha laughing at the comfort of the habitual’excitement inducer’ Sa Hye-jun made viewers’heartbeat’.

On the other hand, tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Record of Youth’ is broadcast on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm.

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