‘Thousand Days Unofficial History’ Kim Na-hee appeared, Jang Nok-su… Showing her unique charms

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian and trot singer Kim Na-hee appears in ‘Thousand Days Unofficial History’.

In Channel A’s liberal arts program ‘Thousand Days Unofficial History’, broadcast on the 21st, Kim Na-hee, who completely transformed from comedian to trot goddess, shows off her charms.

Kim Na-hee appeared on a trot audition program last year, exuding excellent singing skills and talent, and has become a popular star. Kim Na-hee, who had the usual dream of acting as an acting major, presented her first challenge to acting in a historical drama through ‘Thousand Days Unofficial History’ and confirmed the lead role.

The role played by Kim Na-hee is Jang Nok-soo, who is very famous among the public as a lover of Yeonsan-gun. Although she is known as a villain who incited tyranny by alluring Yeonsan-gun from Gisaeng, Kim Na-hee plans to illuminate the hidden life of Jang Nok-soo in a more three-dimensional way.

Kim Na-hee, who was empathized with the desire and despair of Jang Nok-soo, who was the daughter of slave at the shooting site, is said to have been unable to stop tears even after the OK sign fell.

The first story of the trilogy ‘Red Flower, Jang Noksu’, where you can enjoy Kim Na-hee’s performance with excellent dancing skills and singing skills, can be seen on the 21st at 8:40 pm on Channel A, ‘Thousand Days Unofficial History’.


Photo provided│ Channel A ‘Thousand Days Unofficial History’

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