‘Troubler’ Yong Jin-ho’s rich online travel story…a teaser full of ‘spicy’ released

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Yong-jin and Lee Jin-ho, famous for best friends in the Comedy community, go on a trip to Korea on a online.

In the JTBC multi-platform content ‘Troubler-Yong Jin-ho’s Online Journey’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Troubler’), which will be released on the 25th, Lee Yong-jin and Lee Jin-ho, who boast 20-year friendship, take a day trip while looking at travel destinations around Korea online. Amid the reinforced social distancing from Covid-19, which rarely disappears, Lee Yong-jin and Lee Jin-ho set out to find a new travel solution suitable for the Corona era.

On the 18th, the ‘Troubler’ official released a teaser video through the official YouTube channel. The two people in the video announced the beginning of the trip by shouting, ‘Yong Jin-ho(Lee Yong-jin and Lee Jin-ho) has come out for the earth that has lost its travel due to the virus, and mankind who is zipping up. We will find the answer.” In addition, he said, “We always have a lot of troubles,” and told the background that the name ‘Troubler’ was created. However, it is said that he proved the’best friend chemistry’ by consistently matching the best sum with full of excitement throughout the filming.

In this video, you can also see a little bit of ‘Yong Jin-ho’, who made his first trip to Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do, famous for red pepper. The two of them both sat indoors with a high-rise building in the background, looking at a computer monitor, and soon expressed their excitement about the online trip, saying, “We are in Goesan.” Following this, Yong Jin-ho showed off an exciting dance holding a bright red pepper and gave a big smile. In addition, he engaged in a fighting spirit to experience the spicy taste directly by air transporting powerful Goesan peppers.

From Yong Jin-ho’s ‘Best Friend Chemi’ to the fun of on-tact travel that anyone can easily enjoy, ‘Troubler-Yong Jin-ho’s Online Journey’, a journey with Yong Jin-ho, was first released on the 25th YouTube channel ‘Troubler’. do.


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