‘Unanswered Questions’ re-examined the murder case of Nohyeong-dong studio in Jeju

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS ‘Unanswered Questions’, broadcast on the 19th, will talk about the unsolved case in 2006, the studio arson murder case in Nohyeong-dong, Jeju.

# The killer with a flower basket, and…

In September 2014, a man who visited a woman’s house with a flower basket and killed this woman and her mother and daughter in middle school. Kim claimed that he accidentally killed a woman who had been in a romantic relationship. However, about Kim, who killed three people one after another in two hours, the judges pointed out that’I feel calm, bold, and cruel enough to believe that he was the first person to commit the murder’.

Six years later, a call came to the production team. The informant hesitated for several years and said that now he had the courage to confess his suspicion of the ‘killer with a basket of flowers’. At the time, his crime was known as his first murder, but it was a shocking tip that there was another murder that he suspected committed. What is the suspicion surrounding him?

# The only evidence, cigarette butts

Murderer came in after committing a small crime to hide a big crime. Of course, sexual violence is also a big crime, but I felt that way strongly (during an interview with the informant)

Reporter said that 14 years ago, he first met Kim at a prison in Jeju. Kim said that in March 2006, he broke into a female dormitory at a university and committed sex crimes, before being imprisoned. After the crime, Mr. Kim said that he deliberately exposed his identity, such as leaving a note on the scene telling him who he is, and going to the police station and surrendering himself.

The whistleblower said that his behavior seemed somewhat absurd. The suspicion that the informant had was turned into a conviction as Kim emerged as a leading suspect in the studio arson murder case in Nohyeong-dong, Jeju, which occurred in February 2006, about a month before committing a sexual crime. Kim’s DNA was found in the cigarette butt, the only evidence found in the studio of Room 205 where the incident occurred. However, the incident had an unexpected turn.

# Unfair memory vs. murder memory

Kim and his family questioned the discovery of a cigarette butt with Kim’s saliva at the on-site inspection three days later, although no evidence was found at the inspection on the day of the incident. Police claimed to have manipulated the evidence by bringing cigarette butts to the scene to drive Kim as a criminal. At the time, the police sent Mr. Kim as a prosecution opinion, but the prosecution said that it was disproving that the prosecution took the evidence of the cigarette butt into question and dismissed the indictment of insufficient evidence.

To resolve the suspicion, the police and prosecution officials who were in charge of the investigation were contacted, but all the parties answered silently. In a situation where the coverage was in trouble, the production crew could miraculously obtain a police opinion letter of the studio arson murder case and a decision not to prosecute the prosecution. Based on a total of 13 documents, the production team once again continued to report on the visitors to the 205 studio. For Kim, is the Nohyeong-dong studio arson murder an unfair memory or a memory of murder?

SBS ‘Unanswered Questions’, which re-examined the murder case in Nohyeong-dong, Jeju, is broadcast on Saturday, 19th at 11:10pm. sje@mkinternet.com

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