“I can’t go forward as an actor”… ’80 years old’ Takashi Fujiki, extreme choice

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Japanese actor Takashi Fujiki surprised Japan with extreme choice at the age of 80.

According to Japanese local media reports on the 21st, Takashi Fujiki was found dead at his home in Tokyo at the dawn of the 20th. A will was found at the site. It was a content that contained the thought of “I cannot move forward as an actor”.

Takashi Fujiki, born in 1940, has been hit by acting in the aftermath of the prolonged Covid-19 this year, and it is known that he has had a depressing day as his outings declined due to his old age.

However, a musical appearance was scheduled to begin next January.

Hori Productions, the agency of Takashi Fujiki, has lost two actors this month. Just six days ago, famous Japanese actress Sei Ashina made an extreme choice at the age of 36, and she was shocked once more.

“It is very painful, sad and regretful to announce this tragic news,” said Hori Productions.


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