‘Kairos’ Ahn Bo-Hyun “99.9% synchro rate with Seo Do-gyun

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Ahn Bo-Hyun showed his extraordinary affection for ‘Kairos’.

MBC’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Kairos’ (written by Lee Soo-hyun, director Park Seung-woo, production OH Story, Blossom Story), which airs for the first time at 9:20 pm on October 26, is a man after a month in despair after his young daughter was kidnapped. It is a time crossing thriller where Kim Seo-jin (played by Shin Seong-rok) and Han Ae-ri (played by Lee Se-young), a woman from a month ago who have to find a missing mother, struggle ‘cross time’ to save their loved ones.

In the play, Ahn Bo-Hyun plays a hot role as Manager Seo Do-gyun, the right arm of Yoo Joong Construction Director Kim Seo-jin. With good brain and skill, he gains Seo-jin’s strong confidence. He is the first to notice the cracks in Seo-jin’s winning project, and raises curiosity about setting fire to an unpredictable story.

Ahn Bo-Hyun said, “99.9%? There are a lot of similarities.” He appealed for strong confidence and attracted attention. “I think that the more the character Do-gyun has the passion and the persistence toward his goal, the more similar he plays.” He also showed a perfect assimilation with Seo Do-gyun. In addition, he added the words “Do-gyun seems to be more sophisticated and smarter than me,” and showed infinite affection for the character.

On the other hand, Ahn Bo-hyun said “Kairos means ‘opportunity’ and ‘special time’. So, I think ‘Kairos’ is an opportunity to show my new acting to viewers. I will show a character who is sharp and cold, having a warm heart in his inner mind.” He predicted his unusual charm, which he had never seen before, raising expectations even more.

In this way, Ahn Bo-Hyun is not only showing the handsome visuals that make the home theater feel heartbroken, but also a perfect synchro rate with the anti-war character ‘Seo Do-gyun’, and is foretelling the spirit of a cold-warm handsome man, thus stimulating viewers’ expectations.

Ahn Bo-Hyun’s acting, who robs the gaze with a colorful charm that goes back and forth between coldness and passion, can be seen in MBC’s new monthly mini-series ‘Kairos’, which will be aired first on October 26th.


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