Kang Seong-beom and Kwon Sang-woo deny all gambling allegations, “All rumors are groundless” (general)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kang Seong-beom and actor Kwon Sang-woo have completely denied allegations of gambling raised through YouTube.

On the 20th, YouTuber Kim Yong-ho, a former entertainment reporter, uploaded a video titled “[Exclusive] Kang Seong-beom, Philippine expeditionary expedition,” on his channel.

Kim Yong-ho released a low-quality picture, saying he received many reports. Although his face is not clear, Kim Yong-ho claimed that he was “Kang Seong-beom, watching society at a Philippine casino.” He said, “Kang Seong-beom had a friendly relationship with the officials of casino, so he is presenting the event there.” Kang Seong-beom raised the suspicion that he was a Philippine casino VIP.

He also claimed that Kwon Sang-woo was at the scene when Shin Jeong-hwan was arrested at a private gambling house in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. In particular, “The police had to catch the much more famous Kwon Sang-woo, but they caught Shin Jeong-hwan. At that time, under the protection of the organization, Kwon Sang-woo ran away and only Shin Jeong-hwan was captured.” He explained, “How unfair will Shin Jeong-hwan be inside.”

Afterwards, controversy continued as Kang Seong-beom and Kwon Sang-woo went up and down in the real-time search word on the portal site. Kang Seong-beom and Kwon Sang-woo immediately denied all suspicions related to gambling.

Kang Seong-beom expressed resentment through a number of media, saying, “I saw the content and put the title like that without a substance to make it the first place in the real sword.”

He said about the reason he went to the Philippines, “because there are many Koreans, we go to sports competitions and year-end parties.” In particular, they argued that there is a casino in the basement of the lodge where they stay when they go to events, and the stage here also performs with local singers.

In addition, Kang Seong-beom said, “If my wife gave me 20,000 won or 30,000 won there, I played with people and greeted me.” “I heard that I was talking about being a casino VIP with that. It is scary to drive,” he added.

Kwon Sang-woo’s management company Soo Company also told Maeil Business Daily Star Today, “The suspicion of gambling is a ridiculous story, and in fact, it is unfounded. I don’t know why this is all of a sudden,” he denied allegations of gambling.


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