‘The return of Superman’ Yeonwoo x Hayoung sibling’s healing friendship, the best one minute… “Is your brother okay?”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Is there another brother and sister like this?

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research agency on the 21st, the ‘Child Care Uphill’ section of KBS2 TV’s ‘The return of Superman’ broadcasted on the 20th recorded an audience rating of 9.4% (Part 2) nationwide. In addition, the highest audience rating per minute soared to 11.8% (based on the metropolitan area), showing its potential.

The family that occupied the best minute on this day was the Doppleganger family. Two-kom brothers and sisters Yeon-woo and Ha-young learn various things every week with faher Kyung-wan’s ‘Running Dad’s School. On this day, I had time to overcome Ha-young’s fear of water with a customized leisure for Ha-young.

A mini-pool was created through collaboration between father  Kyung-wan and Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo actively ran around and pulled the water needed for the pool. Then, I first entered the completed swimming pool and showed a demonstration of playing in the water. Ha-young played more happily than usual so that she saw herself and realized that playing in the water was not scary.

Ha-young said, “You shouldn’t splash the water,” and worried about Yeon-woo who got into the water. However, after seeing Yeon-woo playing in the water while laughing like a seal, Ha-young also burst into laughter. At this time, in the scene where Ha Young-i asked, “Are you okay?” and checks whether Yeon-woo is okay, the audience rating rose to 11.8% and recorded the best minute on the show.

Ha-young was able to approach the water little by little thanks to Yeon-woo. Later, she also completely immersed herself in the water and made another memory by playing in the water with her brother. Yeon-woo always thinks of her younger brother first and does anything for her, and Ha-young, who cares and takes care of her. The friendship of two-kom (Yeon-woo and Ha-young) is helping each other grow.

Like this, the lovely friendship between Yeon-woo and Ha-young provides healing to viewers and plays the role of vitamins on Sunday night. In the future, the growth period of the two-kom brothers and sisters, which is expected to give a pleasant laugh in a different way, can be shared on KBS 2TV ‘The return of Superman’, which is broadcast every Sunday at 9:15 pm.


Photo courtesy| KBS 2TV ‘The return of Superman’

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