Treasure, warming up from Japan… ‘I Love You’ Ranked 1st in Line Music Day 4

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

YG’s super rookie TREASURE’s popularity in Japan is unusual. Even without local activities, it climbed to the top of the major music charts, raising expectations when it debuted in Japan in the future.

Treasure’s second single album title song ‘I LOVE YOU’ reached the top of the Line Music Top 100 chart, Japan’s largest music site as of 9 am on the 21st. In addition, it ranked first in the Rakuten Music real-time rankings. Since the release of the sound source on the 18th, it has maintained the top spot on major charts including iTunes in Japan for the fourth day.

This is a remarkable achievement when you recall that you are a K-pop rookie who has never been active in Japan yet. The songs of prominent star artists are fighting fierce rankings on each chart, and the rookie Treasure is struggling. In particular, on the day when Treasure’s new song was released (18th), an English single, in collaboration with Japan’s leading idol group Arashi and pop star Bruno Mars, was of great interest.

At the time of their debut in August, Treasure was spotlighted locally as a’big bang’s younger brother group’ and YG’s big rookies including Japanese members Yoshi, Mashiho, Asahi and Haruto. Since then, it has been engaging in full-scale activities in Korea, capturing the hearts of global fans including Japan.

The music video for ‘I LOVE YOU’ is also about to break through 10 million views in less than 3 days since it was released. The number of YouTube subscribers has increased by about 100,000 since the comeback, and now exceeds 2.23 million.

Treasure last weekend MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’ appeared in succession to show an ultra-high-end stage suitable for a super-fast comeback, resulting in an explosive reaction.

They boasted an unrivaled presence with their costume concept that was 180 degrees different from the time of their debut song ‘BOY’ and their near-perfect control of the stage. It overwhelmed viewers with her unshakable singing ability, tight rap, and powerful yet sophisticated performance.

‘I LOVE YOU’ is a dance pop genre song with an intense sound. Like the title, the lyrics contain purely straightforward content for the person they like, and the phrase ‘I love you’ that gets stuck in the ear is repeated to add addiction.

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