25.6% in 2 episodes of ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’… 3 points of curiosity

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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

KBS2 weekend drama ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ (playplay Yoon Kyung-ah, director Hong Seok-gu, production production H, Monster Union) recorded 24.6% viewership in just two episodes. The highest ratings rose to 25.6%. (Provided by Nielsen Korea, based on national households) While the chatty daily life of the people of Samkwang Villa, who live together due to warmness of Soon Jung (Jeon In-hwa), gave fun, hidden ‘secret’ cards went through rapid development Because it was revealed without. So, I’ve summarized three stories that I’m curious about in the future.

#One. Is Jin Ki-joo a lost daughter of Hwang Shin-hye?

Kim Jeong-won (Hwang Shin-hye), who had been soothing her longing by drinking wine alone on her husband’s date, pulled out a picture of the baby in a music box that she had put deep in the drawer, her daughter Seo-yeon buried in her chest a long time ago. And 25 years ago, Lee Soon-jung (Jeon In-hwa) ran away from someone with a baby in her arms, and sighed deeply, saying, “I have committed a great sin against the garden girl.”

The garden, which is supporting the children of the nursery school, met Soon-jung’s daughter Lee Bit Chae-woon (Jin Ki-joo), who is looking for her mother, at the entrance of the nursery school. At that moment, the teddy bear in the bag of Bit Chae-woon fell to the floor, and although it was a lot old, it looked very similar to the doll in the picture kept in the garden. While suspicion that Bit Chae-woon may be the garden’s real daughter was amplified, in the ending of the second episode, Bit Chae-woon, who visited the garden, fell into her arms, leading to a scene called “Mother.” This was the reason why the storm was raging and I couldn’t take my eyes off for a while. Is Bit Chae-woon the garden’s daughter Seo-yeon? Then what kind of story is hidden from them?

#2. Jin Ki-joo and Han Bo-reum’s past

As the competition portfolio deadline approached, Bit Chae-woon became impatient and was struck by a car in which LX Fashion’s general manager Jang Seo-ah (Han Bo-reum) was running. She got up and went on my way, saying it was okay because she was in a hurry, but Seo-ah, who checked her face, recalled the past with a complicated expression. Light Chae-woon wearing a school uniform was looking at Seo-ah in a lot of anger. In addition, after Seo-ah discovered Bit Chae-woon’s name on the list of winners of the contest, her election was canceled due to suspicion of plagiarism. It was the moment when a reasonable suspicion that Seo-ah might have exercised influence arose.

Furthermore, Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo), who met with Bit Chae-woon at the construction site, was building a chemistry with a crush on the ground, and was a friend of his brother whom Seo-ah loved unrequited. Jae-hee is striking the wall saying not to cross the line beyond her younger brother. This raises questions about the reason why Bit Chae-woon and Seo-ah are entangled with bad luck, and in what direction the romance of the two women with Jae-hee will unfold.

#3. Suspicious energy surrounding Samkwang Villa

Suspicious movements threatening the peace of the Samkwang Villa family were also spotted. Referencing the past of Soon-Jung who worked in a nursery school in the past, he said, “How are children? Among them, Byun Mija (Jeon Young) and Park Pil-hong (Um Hyo-seob), who were very embarrassed by saying that one child was “kidnapped”, who was planning to take care of Hannamcheon in Samkwang Villa before they were released from the office. Hwang Na-ro (Jeon Seong-woo) with a suspicious gaze gathered in one place.

Mija fled with amazement at Na-ro’s appearance, and Na-ro urged Dal-sik to get out of the Samkwang Villa work, saying that “choice and judgment” is important. He became interested in Samkwang Villa because of the story of Pil-hong he heard while in prison. Pil-hong said that Soon-jung knows where her daughter is, and described that daughter as ‘a bag of money’. Naro, who caught the dark inside, was hovering around Samkwang Villa after being released. The mystery was amplified about the relationship between Soon-jung and Pil-hong, and about the Samkwang Villa’work’ that Na-ro is planning.

‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ It is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.


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