‘Amanja’ Jisoo and Lee Jong-won unveil heartbreaking shaved shoes…Brother Chemie Diverging

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kakao TV’s original drama ‘Amanja’ reveals the more pathetic Jisoo’s shaved scene.

‘Amanja’ (director Kim Dong-ha, planning Kakao M, production Lezhin Studio, co-production production season) is a 27-year-old job-prepared student who was convicted of cancer, traversing a world of dreams where the reality of suffering and exciting adventures unfolds. A human fantasy depicting the story of finding the meaning of. Based on the webtoon of the same name drawn by Kim Bo-tong, who has reached 20 million views and won various work awards, it completes a fantastic combination of live-action and animation, and is raising expectations every time with a well-made work.

In Episode 4, released on the 22nd, Jisoo, who fell during a birthday party and was brought to the hospital, sees his hair falling even with the passing of his hand, and finally realizes that she is truly a terminal cancer patient and accepts it. And when brother (Lee Jong-won), who had left the house in search of a dream after betraying his parents’ expectations, came back after two years, he asked his younger brother to cut his hair.

In Jisoo’s shaved scene,  Ji-soo’s brother Lee Jong-won and Jisoo, who play the role of ‘Dong-yeon’, a younger brother who has a completely different appearance and inner feeling, will move the hearts of the viewers, along with his cool look who plays a joke and laughs. While holding a barista by himself, pushing his head, taking pictures with cool poses and mischievous expressions, the bright atmosphere continues, but the dark shadows cast on Jisoo’s face, whose laughter disappeared, tears the hearts of viewers. In particular, the reality of his being sentenced to cancer ahead of his job, his breakup and reunion with his girlfriend, and even at his birthday party, the calmness of accepting the process of fighting the disease makes him expect more painful feelings than anyone else, and it is even more devastating. . On the day he was shaved, Lee Seol, who plays ‘Min-jung’, his girlfriend who visited the hospital, strokes Jisoo’s head and says, “It’s like kiwi,” adding freshness to his struggle and reducing the size of his grief.

Jisoo, a cancer patient and Lee Jong-won, who plays the role of his younger brother ‘Dong-yeon’, met with completely different brothers, both in appearance and in the inside, and completed a sad and pleasant shaving scene. Taking this opportunity, they reveal their feelings about their family and their dreams and get closer to each other, reminiscent of a real family image and multiply the warmth of the work. On the other hand, Jisoo, who plays a cancer patient who has to live now because the remaining time is unknown, director Kim Dong-ha, who directed ‘Amanja’, picked’Pretty Head’ as one of the reasons for casting. It gives an image that will be deeply embedded in your heart.

In episode 4 of ‘Amanja’, which will be released on the 22nd, viewers will be guided to adventures in dreams that have become more varied with Jisoo’s shaving. When he struggles in pain, ‘Amanja’ shifts his gaze to the journey of ‘Amanja’ who lost his name, offsetting the heaviness of the subject matter through the encounter of live-action and animation, making viewers more supportive of the protagonist. . ‘Amanja’ is available for free on Kakao Talk’s’Kakao TV Channel’ and’#Kakao TV Tab’ every Tuesday at 5pm. Each 15 minutes, a total of 10 episodes.


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