Director ‘P1H’ “Idol worldview movie? I initially planned it as a web novel”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Chang of ‘P1H’ revealed the reason for planning a movie based on the idol worldview.

The online press conference for the movie ‘P1H: The Beginning of the New World’ (director Chang) was broadcast live on YouTube at 11 am on the 22nd. At the press conference on this day, director Chang, as well as the members of P1Harmony, Kiho, Theo, Jiwoong, Intak, Soul, and Jongseop attended.

Regarding the background of the planning, director Chang said, “Isn’t it often common to make idols debut with a worldview. It started with the intent to expand their musical world based on a feature film. Not only dance and song, but also acting. We started with the desire to implement an evolved idol that delivers a worldview based on the delivery method.”

“At first, I was going to try it in the form of a web novel. However, it would be difficult to properly convey the skills of my friends if it was based on a web novel, so I was offered to deliver it through video. It is not a theater screening, but through YouTube or OTT channels. I was going to try it as a series, but when I finished editing, the running time was about 100 minutes. At that time, I received an offer to open the theater and I was able to release it.”

Meanwhile, ‘P1H: The Beginning of the New World’ is a work that contains the worldview of the rookie boy group P1Harmony, where boys scattered from different dimensions gather to save the world ruined by the Alcor virus causing anger and violence. It is a science fiction human drama about the story of finding a star in the world. The film will be released on October 8.

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