Ham So-won, to the question of “Are you proud because of popularity” ahead of the comeback of ‘The taste of wife’…

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ham So-won wisely responded to the point of netizens ahead of the comeback of ‘the taste of wife’ in a few weeks.

On the 22nd, Ham So-won released a message from a netizen on her Instagram. The netizen said, “Are you being arrogant after becoming popular with ‘The taste of wife’? Or, are you deliberately refraining from appearing on the TV show for making money with your business? You must know this. You will be forgotten soon.”

Ham So-won said, “Today, I will be on ‘The taste of wife’. I was really scolded in the meantime. I’m not proud of my popularity. I am always grateful to all of you and just thank you. See you in the evening.”

On this day, Ham So-won’s evolutionary couple breaks a long blank and reveals the truth of various suspicions, including sorties, dismissals and discord in ‘the taste of wife’.

In particular, Hamjin’s conflict broke out as Ham So-won was angry when her husband, Jin Hua, who had been away for three days and was absent, showed up. What is the reality of the Hamjin couple’s discord, which has become so serious that Ham So-won’s mother even stepped forward to mediate the Hamjin couple, and whether the two can dismiss the discord and find peace again.

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