‘Hurricane Radio’ Song Ga-in, Trot Goddess’ Live + Talk…”I want to go to the world” (General)

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Trot singer Song Ga-in fascinated the listeners of ‘Hurricane Radio’ with her live and incredible trot songs.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, TBS FM ‘Choi Il-gu’s Hurricane Radio (hereinafter’Hurricane’)’ featured DJ Choi Ji-eun and trot singer Song Ga-in as guests at the ‘Lunch and Dessert Show’ corner.

On this day, Song Ga-in announced the appearance of the goddess Trot with the opening live of ‘Sorrowful Daedong river’. DJ Choi Il-gu, who intuitively watched the live 1m in front, expressed his fan spirit, saying, “It’s so good to see it in person. I was blessed.”

At Song Ga-in’s opening live, the listeners responded explosively, saying, “I was disappointed when I played the CD after playing live,” and the atmosphere in the beginning was warmed up.

Special DJ Choi Ji-eun asked, “Song Ga-in is born in 86. How does this feeling come out at a young age?” Song Ga-in humbly replied, “It seems like I did pansori, the Korean traditional Korean song genre. I majored in Korean music at school.”

At the appearance of Song Ga-in, Choi Ji-eun introduced, “Texts are pouring out” and “A question about how much pocket money will be given to Chuseok is coming.” Song Ga-in said, “I’m giving my pocket money every month, so I’ll give it as a gift on Chuseok.”

Also, Song Ga-in expressed his willingness to challenge, saying, “I want to be musical.” DJ Choi Il-koo cheered, saying, “If you go up on musical, it will be amazing. Your explosive singing ability suits you well.”

Following that, Song Ga-in also confessed the story of ‘Sorrowful Daedong River’. Song Ga-in mentioned TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot’ and said, “This is the song I sang during the preliminary round last year. I sang several songs, but the writers said that this song is the best, so I did it.”

In response, Choi Ji-eun raised, saying, “You have more than 4 million views on YouTube. There are rave reviews in the comments that the Korean Trot is divided into before and after song songs.”

Song Ga-in said, “As I have a lot of fans, it really helps me,” talking about what has changed after winning the ‘Miss Trot’. She recalled the days of obscurity, saying, “At that time, there was no one to help you, so I went alone. I reformed the cheap clothes and went on the bus with my luggage. I also carried the CD myself.”

On the other hand, Song Ga-in also confided about the confusion and inconvenience of the sudden popularity. Song Ga-in said, “I want to walk around without make-up comfortably, but it’s a bit like that I have to wear it because I know it.”

Subsequently, Song Ga-in laughed at the listener’s text message asking about the time of marriage, saying, “It seems far away.” When the announcer Choi Ji-eun asked, “Which one would you choose between a handsome man and a caring man?” Choi Il-gu said, “Why do I ask for that? Can’t we have both,” and made listeners laugh.

Then, when the two people soaked with Song Ga-in’s Trot Medley Live praised him, “It’s really exciting,” Song Ga-in said, “It’s overcompliment. My mom and dad are excited. And my hometown is a region full of excitement and art. “That’s why I think so.”

Song Ga-in also said, “It was scary at first, but it’s fun to do it.” She referred to KBS2’s ‘The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil’, which appeared recently, and said, “When Song Chang-sik said that he is my fan, I was so impressed.”

At the same time, she said, “I want to collaborate with some rappers. I want to go out globally, beyond Korea. I want my songs to be heard in the club by laying the accompaniment electronically.”

When Choi Il-gu said, “My wish is to tear the musical stage first and rap,” Song Ga-in said, “I rap in’The Wicked Person’,” and showed an instant storm rap to arouse cheers.

Lastly, about what he wants to achieve as a singer, Song Ga-in expressed his wish, saying, “I want a lot of hit songs to come out because there are no hit songs. I want to hold a free concert with only my hit songs.”

Song Ga-in sang ‘Mt. Yongdu Elegy’, ‘Virgin Boatman’, and ‘Don’t cry, Hong-do’ medleys with Covid-19, presenting a brilliant song for listeners, overcoming their adversities amid the outbreak of the Covid-19.

On the other hand, Song Ga-in has been active through various broadcasting activities after winning the honor of Jin (眞) in the TV Chosun trot audition ‘Miss Trot’ which ended last May.


Photo| TBS Visible Radio Capture

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